The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.

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    NPC Army System Empty NPC Army System

    Post by Uchiha Izanagi on Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:13 pm

    NPC Army System

    • Every clan leader has their own army of 100 people. All of that clan leaders bloodline and all have the same stats and jutsu. These armies are able to be controlled by the clan leader at will but can only be split into four camps of one hundred people. They are primarily used to do things for the clan leader and protect the village when he is away.

      The army starts off with C rank stats etc. and can be upgraded for exp. With each upgrade comes more jutsu spots. They may be upgraded up to A rank. You may buy more soldiers with exp as well. We will have to attach a price tag to all of this but this is the skeleton of this system.

    Army System

    Here on Clan Wars we have an army system, mainly used for combat on a larger scale, invasion of minor lands, heck even major lands. Armies are under the personal command of the Clan leader, or anyone he/she chooses to allow to wield it. It should be noted right off the bat, that armies are not meant to be a 1 v 100 situation, but rather for invasion, defenses and large scale assaults. In a 1 v 100 situation, even if you are Madara, it would be very difficult to win, and not recommend to try. However if you do wish to try, is a perk to successfully doing it.

    At the start of the site is the term called "Null" which refers to how it is set up on opening day, for the starting clan leaders. "Null" has a symbol which is ^, when you see this symbol behind a guideline, you know it only takes place at the beginning of the site.

    Clan leaders gain access to 100 NPC's of C rank, and can be broken down into groups of 25 ^. These NPC's or rather army, has a basic set of jutsu's, equipment, skills and so on. They do not start off with any special skills (Things like medical or sensory come later, summons) ^. The Clan leader can either set them all the same, or have different variations with groups of 25/50/75/100 respectively ^. Before we dive into combat, usage and such, lets go to the guidelines.

    • Starting off, Clan Leaders have 100 NPC's of C rank ^
    • New clan leaders, replacement for inactive ones, must use was is already created.
    • This group is only for compound defense, and cannot attack or go outside the compound and a bit of the surrounding area.
    • If they do leave, either by mistake or as a show of trying to scapegoat the rules, they simply vanish, along with their equipment etc etc. Maybe they will show up again as a vagabond clan ready to strike the clan at its weakest.
    • Clans can only be broken down into groups of 25, so there is no "single" types that stand out.
    • The Clan leader can give command of groups to another, if he does so in a thread that can be traced back, this command only lasts for one missions/threat, so please do not think it lasts forever.
    • Clan Leaders can only allow 50% of their army total to be commanded by someone else.
    • NPC armies do not ever get involved in internal power struggles, if they are seen used like they, they immediately Ceasar the clan leader.
    • Finally, when starting out, a Clan Leader must have created the NPC army no later than 1 week prior to any invasion/event etc etc, so if a Clan Leader fails to create them, and an army shows up, he cannot do so, and have them magically exist ^.
    • NPC armies are not allowed to have summons period. (Nor can they use any summon jutsu)
    • C rank armies cannot have Mastery in any skills. B rank can have 1 mastery, A can have 1 God and 1 mastery.


    Army combat is relatively simple, the ratio is straight 1 for 1. Meaning, if an Army of 100 C rank NPC's goes up against an army of 100 C rank bad guys, they all die, and neither is the victor. Now, the Clan Leader has the option of rping as that army, as does any opposition, but they are not traditional NPC, so you cannot control 1 at a time, its 25 at a time at least if not more. For every rank higher than C, it is 25% times stronger, so 100 C rank will tie with 75 B rank, and 75 B rank will tie with 50 A rank. A rank is the highest an army can get.

    Large scale invasions are another reason to use an NPC army, with their collective chakra and assaults, they can be good or great defenses. However, there are a few restrictions here.

    • Armies are not allowed to transfer chakra, to anything, including Clan Leader, weapons, jutsu's, summons, bijuu, seals etc etc etc.
    • Armies can preform combination style jutsu's, or have specific army metric jutsu's they can use.
    • Armies cannot stack attacks, nor are they allowed to boost anyone. So no creating a "power up jutsu" that takes your C rank to X rank with Armies help.


    Corps are a specific division of Armies, broken down into base 25 unit components. They are specific entities within an Army that have particular skills, these skills make them potent, but also glass cannons if they will. They lose all other skills and instead focus solely on them. They are below.

    • Medical Corps - Mastery in Healing, they know healing jutsu, and are adept healers. They however refuse to go to the front lines, and only stay behind to heal, they will heal friend or foe alike, per their nindo. No refusals.
    • Sensory Corps - Sensors, employing techniques to detect targets, they do not focus on concealing, only detection. They refuse to go to front lines, and instead use their abilities to give advantages to those on the front lines.
    • Sealing Corps - This corp will use Fuuinjutsu to seal weapons, items even Bijuu if need be. They use their skills to help Clan Leaders capture, however it takes a full compliment of 25 to effectively seal anything S rank or higher.

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