The Clan Wars!

The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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PostSubject: Mithrandir   Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:06 pm

Name: Quetsiqquaddol
Nickname: Mithrandir
Gender: Male

Height: 6’5
Weight: 400 lbs

Land: Land of Fire
Character Rank: S
Clan: Aesir
Element: Zohar, Mokodon,Crystal Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning Earth

Personality: Mithrandir is a very relaxed and calm person who can experience and show very intense emotion at will. He is not someone with a lack of emotional control, but rather when he feels emotion he feels it exponentially in comparison to what others do. His anger is a dark rage that can last for days and can mean great destruction. His love is a compassion that will stake its very existence on the embetterment of the beloved. Anything he does, he does with grace and with ease, but is capable of very extreme poles of feeling. Mithrandir on the surface is very peacable and sincere. His rich deep voice and unusual composure makes it so that he comes off as being very wise despite a very youthful appearance. He is a relatively serious individual, yet never expressing the emotion of fear or fret. He is not intimidated nor is he worried by threats as great as planetary destruction even; he doesn’t lose composure regardless of the emotion he displays. He is the type of person that becomes very angry and yet his face does not necessarily show the degree of anger he feels. He is dramatic in action typically, being very quick to do exactly as he says, when he says. Calculating and smooth, he does not speak without purpose nor does he come off as deceptive in any obvious way. He has unusual insight into the human heart and speaks very directly to it, making him very effective at persuasion, seduction, influence, and inspiration.

Character History: Several Millenia ago, in a far away dimension on a far away world, there lived a race of beings known as the Aesir. There was a great war across dimensions between the Aesir and another race which would culminate in the end of their species. the sole survivor was Mithrandir, who was wrapped in a cacoon of pure energy as the last remnant of the race protected by what was left of the world and the stars above.

Several millenia later, a rainbow cacoon the size of a car floated about in empty dimensional ether. On an expedition, this rainbow rock was discovered by a Vanirian prince and his team of explorers in search for new worlds in other dimensions. The Vanirian was looking for a power source different than that of chakra in order to gain a tactical advantage over his fellows, as well as to utilize in the case of an impending Vanirian war. The Vanirian discovered a way to shrink the globe of energy using his powers, and kept it on his homeworld in secret. Due to the fact that it had no chakra, it was not traceable by the vampiric thirst of the Vanirians at this time. Time passed, and eventually war did break out within the ranks of the Vanir. The Vanirian sovereign knew that the end of the Juubi trees was potentially at hand and that his family would need something else to feed on in order to sustain their species and their power advantage over life forms. Thus, he sent this cacoon of energy off with his wife and a small tribe of Vanirians when they traveled to the Earth in search for a new home.

Years later…

Kaguya Ootsutsuki kept the existence of the cocoon a secret, though she was able to establish a kind of communication with it. Desiring to learn how to feed off of its powerful radiation, she yearned that its powers would seep into her offspring, Azulon, whom she would bear with the sovereign of the human race. Instead, the radiation impregnated her with a second son, Avalon, who would become the saviour of the human race. He inherited the cocoon from his mother, her recognizing that he had the anointing from the strange spirit(s) encased within it. He thus used the cocoon for empowerment against his fight against the Juubi, his brother, and all other enemies that opposed him. During Avalon’s prime years, he formed a society of humans whom he gave his will and secrets to in order that they might be able to regulate the power of the human race with the influx of chakra. The cocoon was kept as a secret by this private organization, but eventually stolen by one of Avalon’s descendants and used to empower the Senju clan and elevate them to a position of prominence and dominance. It is a secret this heir of Avalon passed onto his direct descendants only, teaching them ways to communicate with the cacoon and draw from its enormous power.

Today, the cacoon is kept deep below the Senju compound by the current clan leader. He is studying the cacoon in an attempt to discover more of its secrets than his ancestors were ever able to uncover. Through the use of its life force and power, the Senju live in a paradise compared to all other clans of the Earth. Their plants never die, water is pure, and there is no disease found in the camp. Old men die very old, and their young do not perish prematurely. The secrets of the cacoon have yet to be fully uncovered, but what is more striking and even disturbing is the recent discovery that the Senju clan leader’s scientists have made concerning their studies of the cacoon. The cacoon is not a bundle of pure energy only, as they thought it was for centuries. There is in fact a living entity, a mind if you will, that slumbers inside of the cacoon. This revelation has caused the sovereign to ponder exaclty what is inside of this powerful prison, how it got there, and most importantly - what did it want?

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PostSubject: Re: Mithrandir   Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:56 pm



Slumber in a cacoon.
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