The Clan Wars!

The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Aeriopax Quintessance {CLOSED}

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PostSubject: Aeriopax Quintessance {CLOSED}   Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:39 pm

The Clan Wars

Name: The Aeriopax Quintessance
Founder: Mithrandir
Location: N/A

Allegiance: Senju
History: The Aesir are an ancient warrior race from a higher dimension than that which contains the Earth's galaxy. The Aesir lived on a world known as Ea, an Edenic paradise that consisted of a greater variety and magnitude of life forms than any other world known. The Aesir were the chosen race of all races on this world to lead and rule, and were called the "Children of the Tree of Life". The Tree of Life being a primordial entity and deity to the Aesir whom they believed to have created all life in their dimension. The Aesir were a society based upon the cooperation of various species and entities, with each given a unique responsibility in caring for Ea and their fellow creature. On Ea, there was no lack of food, water, or any resource, nor was their death for the first millennium. All beings were immortal, and all beings were filled with great power and life while soaking in the great rays of Enya, the rainbow star that shown upon Ea.

The Aesir eventually broke the perpetual peace that existed between the planet, the sun and the life forms on both by waging war with another tribe of Aesirians. Due to the destruction caused by this war and the loss of precious life, the collective consciousness of the sun, planet, and life forms on that world took on bodily form comprised of starlight, the primal biological cells that began life, and the energy from the planet itself. This being was called the Eversoris, a fabled creature.  The Eversoris, summoned in reaction to the imbalance of the world, destroyed the Aesir and brought back all other living things into harmony.

Requirements: (Closed)

Special Info: He is an alien. He can speak and read every language on earth and in the stars.
Clan Special Characteristics:
Due to his unique physical nature, he comes with the following abilities:

  • Flight- He can fly similar to Ootsutsuki; costs him ten chakra and five to maintain. Can only go at his own speed.

  • Solar Irradiance - Every other turn the user, due to his cells naturally absorbing light and star energy from the atmosphere, can gain either 10 life force, or 25 chakra. This can only happen once every other turn of the users.
    During the term this is activated, his cells range via whichever technique(s) active, are cut in half due to his cells concentrating on absorbing energy or converting it.
    Gains only last for the topic.


  • He CANNOT become a Jinchuriki.
  • CANNOT have canon non-elemental Restricted techniques.
  • When penetrated by Ootsutsuki bone, the user loses 10 life force.
  • Sage Mode attacks harm him +25% (35% with Chrysanthemum bonded).
  • Cannot have Sage Mode

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:Aeriopax Quintessance
Type of Kekkei Genkai:Body Enhancement/Elemental
Description: The Aeriopax Quintessence is the combination of three celestial components that makeup life. The first is Zohar, or light, which is the power of the soul and emotion. The second is Mokodon, which is the energy of primal nature and all of its most foundational facets in regards to all plant and bacteria life forms. Lastly is cellular biology, which is responsible for the bodies of non-plant life organisms and sentient creatures. Mithrandir is the embodiment of these components in their original and most potent form, and is able to utilize them for either life giving or life taking purposes.

Clan Techniques

Mokodon: Living Plants


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Aeriopax Quintessance {CLOSED}
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