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 of Blueberries [Private]

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Yui Hoshino


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PostSubject: of Blueberries [Private]   Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:31 pm

Wisps of clouds reflected on a bucket of water. They moved slowly but surely, each streak of spent clouds taking a peak at their own reflection before moving on. The water rippled, a drop from the gutters disrupting its clairvoyance. It had not rained moments ago, pouring down as if the end of days. Massive dark clouds saw fit to relieve their stress on the islands. Thundering as if in a heated debate with one another, bellowing curses and even throwing the occasional slap of brilliant lightning when one cloud went too far. Right now? Right now, things were quiet. Well quieter, if you don't count the small birds chirping away in their nests, the rogue droplets tapping their way down roofs or the occasional cry of a wild animal.

It rained a lot in Kirigakure, not as much as the Village of Rain but it rained a lot in Kirigakure, especially during the monsoon seasons. If it wasn't raining it was thick with fog but then again, that made it the ideal place to stay hidden. However as lovely as the rain was, it came with its own troubles. Too much rain and it was bound to flood a few things. The excess of water meant stronger currents in rivers and canals. To those who relied on the river banks meant the destruction of their life style.

Such an animal was an otter. He had been made his home deep within the banks a home fashioned from a tunnel. However with the rain came the flood and the flood came the destruction of his house. For days he had been shoveling water out and creating water tunnels to save his house but exhaustion soon took over. Eventually the flood won, flushing him out and at the mercy of the currents. With the storm passed the water ways had calmed down, defeated he swam from a floating log and onto land. He looked devastated, he had lived in that tunnel his whole life, now it was gone.

His stomach would grumble, he hadn't eaten for days. With the currents so strong, fishing would have been suicidal. He turned to the jungles, lush and green. His nostrils flared up and down. He'd drop down on all fours, his whiskers tickling left and right. He could smell something sweet in the distance. No! Deep in the jungle there were dangerous things... His mind said no.. but his body... he was too hungry. He scampered along the muddy floors of the jungle his brown and wet coat making him look like a deranged and over sized squirrel.

Twigs snapped, a mud squelched as he moved fast through the jungle. He heard a roar in the distance but his hunger ignored the possible dangers. He hopped over a fallen tree and crawled underneath a tangle of vines. He beat through a thicket of bushes and BAM. He was in a clearing within the jungle, Sunlight piercing through taller trees onto a small pile of buildings. He gulped, twiddling his thumbs nervously. He'd creep up slowly, a few meters at a time. The sweet smell was definitely coming from this place. There were 3 buildings. One was a medium sized building, with a front door, windows and a patio with some laundry out on it. There was a really small building the looked like was half in the ground. The third building was long with no windows but had multiple chimneys and vents and from them steam arose, sweet steam that made his head spin and his stomach groan.

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Yui Hoshino


Posts : 68
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PostSubject: Re: of Blueberries [Private]   Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:49 pm

The eyes of the otter looked from house to house. His head racing wild with calculations, factoring in the possible dangers. Eventually it drew in a deep breath, he'd rather die trying than die of hunger. He was no coward, sieze the day! With a rustle of leaves he busted out into the clearing, his feet splashed on a puddle of water as he darted towards the nearest wall. He stopped, back to the wall, trying to hold in his breath as he listened for any signs of his intrusion having come to light.

Yui stood within her long house. Moving nimbly around her crowded brewery. Her face was flustered red but the reason behind it was on the fence. One the one hand the room was hot, what with all the pots and cauldrons boiling, strange pipes distilling spirits and what not. On the other hand, in the literal sense, was a sake cup. The space was crammed full of stuff. Barrels, sealed clay pots, dried ingredients hanging from the roof. Boxes stacked up on each other containing assorted herbs and sacks of grain. Yet Yui moved skillfully between all of it. Sometimes it'd look like she would almost run into a pillar or pile of crates but she'd drunkenly stop and swivel around it.

It had been raining the past few days and there was nothing more to do than stay in her brewery and have fun. She'd stop by some strange apparatus, turning dials and knobs. Some would rattle, some would whistle but eventually everything would pour out some form of alcohol for Yui to taste. Some were good, some were terrible but each time she'd smile in delight. She'd stop by a particular batch. She lifted the lid of a pot and as soon as she did steam would blow out sending sickly sweet smells across the whole room. Yui breathed in deeply, letting all her senses drown out save her nose.

Hmmm, yes. She could smell it, on a patch of ice bitten mountain, specs of blue, frozen still but as soon as you touched the dots of blue they'd explode, staining the white span of snow as if summer came to life. Then a muddy little foot would step across all this, blotting the canvas with patches of dirty brown. Yui opened her eyes, the amethyst curious. She hiccuped, smiling to herself in embarrassment. Perhaps it was time to see to other affairs.

She turned her head, sniffing the air ones more. The smell was mixed, it was muddy and pungent like soaked and bloated trees, the kind you smelled often after a rainstorm. Yet there were other smells mixed in with it, there was a sharper smell that underlay the earthen smells. The kind you could smell on the salted beach foams. Oysters? Not as strong. Yui stepped out of the steaming room, instantly the air was cleaner and cooler. A flush of light green, life budding through the dark, damp soil and with that the intrusive smell grew stronger.

What was it? Like Oysters but without the saltiness? It wasn't quite fish, something smaller than that, like fresh water snails? Closer. Something bumped her legs and her eyes opened in surprise. She looked down, finding a small brown otter at her feet. Its cheeks were fluffy and white, whiskers gathered together in anxiety. Its brown fur darkened and muddied from the rain. Yui smiled brightly, the smell it was from a fresh water otter! Yui bent her knees as she lowered her body and sat on her legs.

"Ah~ Ohaiyo Kawauso-san~"
The otters face grew darker, like shock had set into his face. His little webbed feet grabbed his heart and his mouth opened up a little as it drew breath.

"Ehhhhhh?" Yui's eyed widened, truly shocked and delighted at the same time that the animal could talk. She'd let out a giggle, using an open hand on her mouth to stop herself from. She didn't want to offend Mister Otter. Because otter, sounded like cute, he had been offended. Yui then almost burst out laughing again. The imagined the otter could talk. Her cheeks flushed a little red as she stuck her tongue out her face holding in another giggle. She lifted her hand with the cup, wondering how much she had drunk these past few days.

"Sumimasen, Kawauso-san, I meant otter, not cute." She giggled to herself again. The words awfully did sound like each... otter. She laughed again, closing her eyes and clenching her stomach to stop the laughter. She closed her eyes, trying hard not to think of all the otter related jokes.
"Eh!?" Yui opened her eyes and looked at the otter. He was standing upright proud, clearly annoyed by Yui's presence. He could talk, he could really talk. "Are you talking to me?"

Yui turned her head around to see who the talking otter was talking about. She was sure she was alone out here, anyone else and she would have noticed. Had she finally gone and drunk too much?

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Yui Hoshino


Posts : 68
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PostSubject: Re: of Blueberries [Private]   Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:28 am

" Ah~ An Otter that can talk. Are you a Ninja Otter?" Yui sat crouched at the otters level her arms wrapping her legs as he chin rested upon her knees. Their faces close she didn't even need to sniff, the fishy smell was without a doubt the otter.

" No I just graduated from a prestigious University. "
" Sugoi~ What Un-"
" Of course I'm a Ninja you idiot! Actually,, I come from a long line and prestigious clan of Ninja Otters."

The otter switched from an angered and insulting tone to that of proud one. He even turned his head towards the sky, eyes closed as he smiled, sneering as he explained his lineage. Yui listened attentively to all he had to say. How the otter clan had for a very long time been the choice Ninja companion of the Kirigakure for their ability to both fair on land and water as well. He even explained how some of his cousins were bigger and stronger to even swim in salt waters where the oceans raged and tumbled like sharks in a blood bath.

" Speaking of which! People think Sharks are so great because they're fast and powerful. But they're not so smart. Also they're useless on land. Did I mention otters are as equally powerful on land as they are in the water??"

Yui nodded, gasping and reacting to every selling point the otter had to offer. She nodded ever so often, even helping the talking otter keep track of how much he had told Yui. His conversation had a tendency to get off track and he had to stop himself. However Yui never once interrupted him, on the contrary she seemed interested, asking him questions every time a detail was left out. However their story would be cut short, the Otter's stomach would grumble again. The two stared in silence, Yui waiting for the Otter, the Otter weighing his options.

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Yui Hoshino


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PostSubject: Re: of Blueberries [Private]   Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:51 pm

"So... I have this question"
"If it's not too rude to ask..."
"Ano,,, I won't know if it's rude till you ask me."
"well... if you could spare me some food..."
"Ah~ I have fresh water kelp if that's to your liking."
"I would much prefer Fish or Clams. This body needs protein."
"Ehhh? You are very picky for someone asking for charity."
"I do not have money but I can offer something else."
"Hmm? I only have fresh water Kelp."
"How about a contract with me, as a Ninja Otter. What you Shinobi call a summon. We are great fighters, brave and nimble, good at sneaking around, we can swim and function both sea or fresh. We are as agile on land as water. So How about it?"
"No. Do you want the fresh Water Kelp?"
" If you agree to to sign a summon's contract with me I will settle for Kelp!"
"Eh... You will have to starve than Mister Otter. I am happy to just give to you for nothing."

The two were locked in this bet. The otter took a strange approach. His attitude was as if he was superior, offering the young miss a charity that she should take. Haggling over his food options as if he were at a restaurant and he was a paying customer. Yui however remained true to herself, she was open to handing out charity without expecting anything in return. However she was no pushover, what she had in mind she said and more often than not it was the truth. She had no wishes to sign a summoning contract with the otter. Not that she wasn't impressed with the watery rodent she simply had no interest in a summoning contract as of yet. She had all the help she needed around her brewery, she liked to take it slow with her work preferring to let her work be influenced by her mood. If she needed extra help she always could use more of herself. After all she was a shinobi and could use the Shinobi. As for actual missions, perhaps she could need the help to compensate for her lack of combat ability but then she would rather rely on a team of Shinobi.

The otter gritted his teeth, closing his eyes as to hide his humiliation. The otter were proud beings believe it or not. Being refused hurt him for more than a single reason. His people had been losing Shinobi popularity over the years. Those in Kirigakure preferred something bigger to be able to easily carry them over the waters. Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, Whales even Large JellyFish. This left the otters lack luster. Back in the old days their nimble sizes were favoured and even valued for their ability to spy on the enemy or even bring back small fish for food. Yet with times Shinobi preferred raw power and mobility that the predatory fish provided. His stomach growled and a single tear left his little otter eyes. This hurt his pride a lot but what use was pride if he was dead. He turned his face away from Yui and finally stuck out his little paw towards Yui.

Yui smiled, instantly she handed over a handful of Kelp. She was not the type to make him beg even if he had been rude to her. All she needed was his okay to be helped. She stood up straight afterwards leaving him a smile. She would leave him to eat and save him further humiliation of having to eat in front of him. Yui returned to her labs, having investigated the intruder's smell she wished to return to her work. She picked up a glass jar, inside it was a large amount of pressed green mint leaves, preserved in layers of cane sugar. She undid the lid and instantly her nose was blasted with a breeze of a cool summer breeze. She always found mint to be strange. The herb was green but the scent always made her picture of the light blue of open skies or the icy blue chill of an iceberg. She carried the massive jar over to distilling contraption. It was a series of bronze pipes twisting and turning into pressurized valves. Some pipes were red with heat while others dripped water from being chilled. Eventually the whole thing led into a aluminum container no bigger than the jar itself.

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Yui Hoshino


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PostSubject: Re: of Blueberries [Private]   Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:32 pm

"Say... what are you doing there?"
"Would you like a taste?"

Yui put the contents of the glass jar into another metal container. With a clanking of metal and the tightening of of valves, she connected a a drip pipe. Soon the contraptions hissed and bubbled as cold liquid funneled through pipes and into the mint and cane sugar mixture. There would be a pause as Yui waited baited breath while the otter stared in curiosity. Eventually there would be a dripping sound, at first the drips were so far apart one could have sworn they imagined it. As time passed the drips became as frequent as the beating excitement of Yui's heart. She had been working a fair bit on this particular brew. A strange brew made from a rare root found only in certain regions. She had tried many times trying to convert it to alcohol. She had failed more times than she could count, but determined she had eventually created an alcoholic liquid. However it was strong of taste, flooding the senses too quickly. Now she had something else in mind, mixing mint and sugar she'd not only hide the strong alcoholic stench with something fresh but adding a sweet Caribbean taste to it sounded good.

The liquid that dripped out was an odd color. Though clear and closer to white, there was a certain yellow hue to it from the sugar, like amber to the light. The scent pierced through everything else in the lab, through other chemicals, through various brews and even the fishy stench the otter brought about. It was a wonderful smell. Best described as sweet gold, speckles of the sun itself blowing kisses upon a field of fresh green still wet from the winter frost. Yet as cold as it was the scent had an underlying warmth, those accustomed to the drink would feel familiar with the warm fuzz it brought on. Like a brown bear's embrace, strong, warming and without a doubt dangerous if abused.

"Yes...yes.. I would like a taste"

Yui would fetch two glasses that looked like a tall shot glass. Two these she poured the drink, the subtle gold twirling as they filled the glass. She handed one to the otter who grabbed it with two hands, his eyes sparkling and his mouth drooling. Yui passed the drink under her nose a few times breathing deep her creation. She could sense it all, the sugar refined from cane, the mint harvested when most tender and strong, the earth root that had brewed long into a clear white liquid.

The two saluted and their heads would tilt backwards. Instantly their noses flared, the strong alcoholic content burning as it evaporated from their body temperature. Yui let it swirl in her mouth once, twice and she swallowed. She let out a satisfied squeak feeling a fuzzy warmth that instantly swept through her body. Her face flushed red for a second, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the refreshing buzz the alcohol brought her. The otter? The otter coughed, spewing out half his drink from his mouth. He protested that it was poison wiping his tongue with his little paws.

"ehhh~ Kawaii~ For someone so harsh you can't drink at all... ehh matte.. can you even drink? How old are you? Are you over 18 in otter years? Ara?? What is the conversion ratio? Do otters live longger? I mean turtles do.."
"Of course I can drink! I'm like 40 years in otter years hey. I can usually hold my own but haha. Im on an empty stomach! You sure can handle your drink missy."
"40? ehhh Ojiiii-san. You must have lots of grand children. An empty stomach? That's a bad excuse aha~ I'm on an empty stomach and Im perfectly fine"
Which was largely true. Yui wasn't drink nor tipsy. She was simply happy her brew had turned out okay. Now she was more talkative and brutally more honest.
"Tell you what! If I can drink you under the table. You have to sign a summons contract with me!"

He never made it past two shots.

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PostSubject: Re: of Blueberries [Private]   

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of Blueberries [Private]
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