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 Kaname Kisei→NPC Character

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PostSubject: Kaname Kisei→NPC Character   Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:47 pm

Name: Kaname
Nickname: The Parasite
Age: 18
Gender: (Male

Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 135lbs

Kaname may well be viewed as  the very definition of  blandness. It is a matter of opinion if one were to consider him a lady killer. This one cares not for such things, or so it may seem. There is now a certain degree of normality, a pinch of ordinary and as far as looks are concerned the man appears to be average at best. The Shinobi is seen to be more conservative in appearance, despite possessing certain unique traits onto himself. His eyes are black in color with a look of malicious innocence within them. Kaname stands at six foot one inches tall, boasting an average frame or body mass, albeit a toned one worthy of a Shinobi. He has no piercings, though he may well grow his hair and have it as a pony tail in the future. Or he could go for a wild look, but at present he had struck a perfect balance between the neatness of the gentleman and the rashness of a temperamental creature. Whatever said creature may be. Kaname has short black hair, and depending on the mood, it may be sported in the usual spiky hairstyle.

In terms of clothing or attire if you will, Kaname sports a mixture of black and grey Shinobi attire. He wears a black hodded top with long sleeves covering up his arms. He also wears a pair of grey fingerless gloves on his hands. And between the long sleeved hoodie and his gloves, his entire arms are covered up by his attire. A grey flack jacket is usually sported over his hoodie top. And beneath this flack jacket is the hoodie and underneath his hoodie top is a short sleeved fishnet top. The flack jacket also covers up portions of his shoulders, although not quite an armor plate. The hoodie top also extends down to his thighs, with the material folding over itself to create a split. What this does it prevent the garment from obstructing Kaname's movements. As such parting his legs and the like is as easy as breathing. Or better yet it would come as easy as walking around  in his birthday suit. His black pants are somewhat baggie. Kaname also wears grey leg warmers on his legs that covers up a portion of his black shinobi sandals. A grey and black Anbu like mask is often sported by the man that is Kaname. He wears nothing fancy except for the normal Shinobi gear.

At times of casual wear, the man is sometimes seen sporting a normal black t-shirt with black pants and black sandals. At these times he sports no gloves or leg warmers, unless he deems them a necessity. He also sports a long dark green overcoat with black and red patterns all over it.

Land: Nomad
Character Rank: D
Clan: Kisei
Element: N/A


Kaname is a hearty individual, and quite the independent Shinobi too. He will at times keep to himself, never seeking out unwanted company. But he does however enjoy companionship when its worth his time. He is a keen observer and highly perceptive too. A most intelligent and most unorthodox Shinobi, one possessing a most complex mind. Kaname likes to study and learn new things, and to also develop new Jutsus. He is also very committed to his role as a Shinobi and takes it very seriously. Kaname will at times partake in the occasional drink, liking the company of women and brothels. If he has money to spend, he will spend it for the right reasons and to enjoy life's pleasures. Suffice to say he is also a womanizer, despite not being a man that could be associated with such things. Kaname can show signs of being of a kind heart, and will sometimes demonstrate pity on others. However, he can be rather brutal and less hesitant than most when it comes to getting the job done.

He does not believe in taking chances, especially when it could easily have a butterfly effect so to speak. Kaname enjoys relaxing and playing games when the need arises to do so. He likes a good tea, and loves his food. The Kisei clansman does enjoy the quiet moments, and seem to find loud mouth and obnoxious persons most detestable. Not to say Kaname himself wouldn't become as rowdy as any other, but he believes in a time and place for everything. Kaname can be the most honest person you've ever met, and then uncharacteristically be the most dishonest and deceptive person you will ever come across. He is somewhat of an eccentric bastard, and loves a bit of sarcasm to add light to a dull situation. The man can be comedic at times, before experiencing a shift in his mood. Which then brings forth a much stern individual.  He often shows an appreciation for the occult. A firm believer in always advancing himself. He is constantly researching and seeking. Though he isn’t exactly certain what it is that he seeks.

Character History: Blank Disc. NPC
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PostSubject: Re: Kaname Kisei→NPC Character   Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:41 pm

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Kaname Kisei→NPC Character
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