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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Izanagi Otsutsuki

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PostSubject: Izanagi Otsutsuki   Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:40 pm


Name: Otsutsuki Izanagi
Nickname: The Prince of Blood Winter
Age: N/A
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2
Weight: 13 Stones

Attire 1:

Otsutski Izanagi possesses long white spiky mane like hair, that reach down to the middle of his back.  This long spiky white hair of his extends down in his back, but a few locks, that appear to be in the form of thick dreads rests on his either side of his chest. Izanagi is of a fair skin tone, blessed with a handsome face that is up for debate. His eyes are of the Byakugan pale eyes color, appearing to be without emotions and at the same time giving Izanagi a ghastly stare. But what makes Kurotsuchi appears most menacing are the black outlines around his eyelids. Many would think the man was wearing make up or potentially some rather emotional Otsutsuki clansman. Though if he could, Izanagi would change that perception ever so slightly. The aforementioned accessories outlining his eyes, makes for a cold and ghastly stare. Perhaps it is hatred that lurks from within, or maybe its simply an uncontrollable defect. Despite all this, and knowing exactly how his eyes are often perceived to be, Izanagi pays no attention to those intimidated or offended by it. If anything, it is more of a psychology weapon than anything.

Izanagi is garbed in a full black body suit, with a black apron like piece of clothing with ragged bottoms stemming from his waist line. The ragged bottom apron type piece of clothing is cut in a diagonal manner, with majority of this piece of clothing resting on the right side. Visually, the ragged apron like clothing covers portions of Izanagi’s right leg.

Otsutsuki Izanagi also has black gloves covering his arms, and as such the entirety of his arms is covered in some form of attire. The man also has bandages carefully woven as part of his sleeves. These bandages, often being utilized to employ Ninjutsu techniques. Izanagi also wears black high Shinobi sandals, those stretching up to his knees, more customized compared to usual Shinobi sandals. On both sides of his sandals is the Yuki clan symbol. There are also other elements involved with his garments. A dark blue armor is worn over that full black body suit of Izanagi’s.

The aforementioned armor is very similar to that of a Samurai’s armor, though closely resembling that of Hashirama’s or Madara’s. The armor that Izanagi wears over his clothing is rather lightweight. It was modeled after the typical Anbu amor, but with Izanagi’s own style added to it. The dark armor was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body. The chest, shoulders, back, thighs and forearms are covered. Each collar on his shoulder guards has the Yuki clan symbol emblazoned on them. There are also times when he sports the Happuri headgear on his head.

Attire 2:

There are days when Izanagi is feeling a little more relaxed, which is reflected in his choice of clothing. Less aesthetically noticeable is the black high collared Kimono that he sports. Said Kimono also has a pair of white tassels attached to the collars. The sleeves of the Kimono extends down just beyond his elbows. A long sleeve fishnet undergarment finishes up by covering the rest of his arm.

Izanagi also sports a pair of black gloves. On the back of the aforementioned Kimono is the Yuki clan crest. Suggesting that the man is a proud member of the Yuki clan. In addition to this, the Kimono is tied together at his waistline. A white sash keeps the Kimono in place. The Shinobi also sports a pair of black trousers. With black knee high Shinobi sandals on his feet. The pair of trousers are also somewhat baggy, similar to his previous attires.

Land: Land of Water
Character Rank: S-rank
Clan: Otsutsuki→Yuki
Element: 5 Basic Chakra Natures


Izanagi is introverted by nature, but also shows a mixture of other personality traits. It is safe to say that he does enjoy some time alone, and is a deep thinker. Despite his introverted state, he brings forth a certain level of charisma with it. Izanagi comes across as quite a regal person, quite stoic at times. While not completely shut off from others, Izanagi can be as tightly guarded as Ander Herrera marking Eden Hazard. He values observation, whether it be of others or otherwise. The man in his own opinion, believes you can learn alot through observation. As such, Izanagi seems reluctant at times to engage with others.

However, experience teaches wisdom, and he is used to the idea of taking action where necessary. He himself has a clear set of goals, and is quite a focused individual too. Intelligent, deceptive, but never a person who purport's to being a genius. A leader in his own right, but prefers to direct from the shadows, as opposed to being a spokesperson. Izanagi can be seen as the perfect solider, meanwhile carrying his own hidden agendas. He is a proud person, equipped with the instinct to protect his own. He is a man of duty, and values family above all else.

Despite his role as the perfect soldier, Izanagi has a certain level of morality. Not against doing what is necessary, but not at the cost of losing his soul. As such, one can never count him as sheep needing a sheppard. He has a mind of his own and thinks for himself. Which also makes him most unpredictable and unnerving to others. He is a man who enjoys life, loves his family and will do whatever necessary to protect them. Under the right circumstances, he can be seen to be jovial in mood. However, only a few may come to notice this other side to him. It is not always all work and no play with him.

As a Shinobi, Izanagi knows how to play his role. His deceptive ways may appear in the form of pretending to be someone he is not. Such things over time has become a common occurrence, so much so, that he himself gets lost in the world of make belief. He is quite the conscientious person, equipped with a unique outlook on life. He is a rather hard worker, feeling the need to work twice as hard as others. Still though, he likes his quiet moments, loves the idea of training and developing new techniques. Izanagi would be a liar if he didn't confess to loving the company of women. There are parts of him that wishes to travel and explore the world. But knows all too well that such things may not be a possibility in his line of work.

Izanagi likes a good tea, also has a fondness for food with an exquisite taste. He will often dedicate some time to cooking his own meals. Viewing such things as an art, and the end result must also be a thing of beauty. He takes pride in his work, and while no ordinary individual, he is also nothing extraordinary either. Then again, that is all a matter of opinion, which may very well depend on how others view the man. As long as those closest to him are happy, then Izanagi remains as content as ever. And my word must one mention the man's sarcasm? Despite his introverted disposition, Izanagi can be quite sarcastic, while also proving to be witty. A man who always seems to have a response for whatever the situation presents. He can be rather cold and calculating too. A man who doesn't take too kindly to disrespect in any shape or form. A smooth talker, one filled with his own unique quirks of words and banter. Some may view him as a charismatic person, but the man often shy away from such traits. His silence often speaks volumes too. The man remains a troll where necessary, often teasing and goading others. Still a serious individual too, who is quite the enigma.  

Character History:

A long time seemed to have passed between Kurotsuchi's conception and his actual birth. The coming of the accursed Shinobi that would once again bring order to the world. Many would say it was future part on the part of Kaguya as she left behind the wretched human existence. However she was fully aware of the chaos that would come about from Avalon and Azulon's own descendants. Man had turned out to be flawed, and despite not ever being chastised by the Otsutsuki, they held nothing but contempt towards the so called aliens. It would become very apparent that humans did not know how to appreciate. They were more monstrous than the Juubi that rose up in furious anger as the humans attempted to steal its precious fruit. With all of this going on, Izanagii had not yet come into existence, he was however being created, carefully moulded to carry out a specific task. Unknown to the Ootsutsuki  born, his mother had imparted her will on him. His clansman would have to wait some time before his birth, since while they lived on the moon in total bliss. The humans had waged war among themselves all in the name of power. To think that cousins or so called relatives could create such a divide was a great surprise, yet it brought about a great deal of sadness. The Otsutsuki kept a close eye on it all, knowing full well that they will have to live among men in the future. But there was a child that was promised to the Ootsutsuki that needed to come in existence. The world of Shinobi finally started to settle down a little. Descendants born of the Otsutsuki and humans came to power. All the while corrupting the idea behind Chakra and its goodness. Power corrupts as they say, and that was true in this case.

Izanagi came into existence, being etched within the memory banks of friend and foes alike. Like most members of his clan, he observed the humans from afar. In time though, they invited them to live and learn within their ranks. Izanagi was however unique in his own ways, something which made him a marvel among his fellow clan members. Izanagi Otsutsuki is the progenitor of the Yuki Clan. The man who is known as the Prince of Blood Winter, played a prominent role within the Otsutsuki clan. The man was blessed with the Byakugan, but with his bone pulse capabilities lying dormant. Izanagi instead excelled with the use of another Kekkei Genkai. One which allowed him to create and manipulate Ice/Snow. This was done through use of the Wind and Water release natures. Izanagi himself had a great relationship with humans. Often tutoring some at the great Otsutsuki temples. But peace would not last for long, for with the attacks by humans on the temples. The mission his father gave to him was ever more critical. Izanagi was no doubt a champion and protector of the Otsutsuki clan. At the same time though, the man held a soft spot for humans on a whole. During his ascension to power, his infamy grew along with his reputation. Still, his abilities remained a mystery to most. Izanagi over time had children with humans and women from the Otsutsuki clan alike. And it was his children who made the now Yuki clan stand apart from others. His children inherited his ability to utilize Ice release. Their abilities also varied, not that it mattered much. The Yuki clan became a servant of the Land of Water. Where most of the Otsutsuki clan remained and ruled.

This was now a time for a better understanding of all things. Pushing forward in time, Uchiha verse Senju was quite the amusing thing. Izanagi watched on as they decimated each other. Since by now he had come of age and could quite easily begin to take on his role as a warrior and defender. Kurotsuchi was well versed in the arts of his own clan, he mastered all the necessary techniques put before him. His Byakugan was something to be marvelled at, not to mention his ice release abilities. He was a man of frightening potential, and further more he was his own master too. What others did not know or wasn't made aware of. Ootsutsuki Izanagi is someone who carries a curse, and shall be a plague onto the world of the Shinobi. However, his work shall be for the better of everyone, where peace and unity will reign supreme. But for this to be made possible, then he will have to bring forth chaos, which is why he will live as a being cursed by his own preordained destiny.  Whether or not any of what is to be will come to pass remains to be seen.

Izanagi believes that one's own fate could change in a matter of moments. The boy now a man was now on earth wit his fellow clansman of the Ootsutsuki, having helped to establish their empire. Izanagi took on his role as a figure head, and in time the Ootsutsuki began to spread their influence once more. The Senju and Uchiha carried on with their hatred, unable to see what was truly transpiring before their eyes. Izanagi and the Ootsutsuki once again had a foothold on everything, and they had no intention of ever letting it go. They remembered all too well the disdain that the Uchiha and Senju in particular held towards them. The Ootsutsuki may have forgiven their past transgressions, but they had learned a very valuable lesson from it. The spokes on the wheel were now continuously turning over, which meant everything was going according to plan. At this point in time however, Izanagi was quite content on playing the waiting game. He would use the opportunity to spread his influence even more, meanwhile the wounded Uchiha and Senju come to terms with his existence. Peace wasn't something that could be had so easily. With greed and a desire to destroy. The humans and the Otsutsuki were at odds with each other again. In the midst of all this, Izanagi's powers and abilities were highly sought after. As such, the Prince of Blood Winter had to constantly battle for his life.

During one particular showdown however, the man found himself wounded. And was quite frankly put into a vulnerable position. By now the Yuki Clan had truly established itself, and while maintaining close ties to the Otsutsuki clan. They began to branch off, which had unnerved a few naysayers withing their ranks. Izanagi had become a threat to most. After battling over and over again, the man was finally weakened. Enough so that his enemies could converge on him. And instead of killing the man. They instead saw this as an opportunity to use his powers for their own gains. Izanagi was subsequently sealed away, but the stories were told of him being dead. There are tales being told on a regular basis. Some of it overly fantasised. At present though, Izanagi is currently sealed away deep within the catacombs of a secret hideout. There his Chakra is being siphoned to grant new powers and strength to other criminal entities. It is said that there are those working within the shadows, seeking to disturbed the peace. There is a monster inside Izanagi from which they gain their powers. For now though, the man is resting in a tomb for the undying. It has been years now since this has happened.  

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Izanagi Otsutsuki
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