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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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PostSubject: Yui Ryukin   Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:14 pm

Name: Yui Ryukin Hoshino
Nickname: Shino
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Height: 167cms
Weight: 55kgs

Yui stands no taller than 167cm (5'5"), and weights roughly 55 kilograms (120lbs). She has a slender but feminine build emphasized by her long thin neck, thin arms and long legs. Some joke that most of her weight comes from her hips and breasts. She has wider hips compared to waist, curving nicely over and into her but. Her breasts is not her modesty, resting firmly at C-Cups and her stature making them only appear bigger.

As much as her feminine body stands out, its her hair and eyes that really grab people's attention. Her hair for one is a shade of blue. Displaying shades from a natural flowery blue to darker shades of blue. Most people have black, brown, blonde and sometimes red hair as such Yui's blue hair tends to stick out. This azure blue hair is long, coming to her elbows when shaken loose. Her sides well past her neck and bangs past her eyes. She keeps higher hair mostly loose, in a ponytail or lose bun.

However once they actually see her face to face its not her soft pink lips, or her small pointed nose that grab their attention, rather its her eyes. A soft shade of violet or even rose pink. The gem like iris mesmerize her peers. Funny enough her eyelashes are naturally thick and black, only framing and accentuating her other worldly eyes.

Yui is an attractive and young individual, though her body has clearly sexually matured there is still an air that excludes her as a fully grown woman. Her skin is fair, flawless and soft to the touch. From appearance alone she would not pass as a Shinobi let alone a warrior. She has a few bruises on the back of her hand and the occasional cut on her fingers but they look more consistent with a house wife. Her complexion and skin rejuvenation is due to her bloodline.

Her attire is somewhat traditional. On average she wears Red half Kimonos or Yukatas that is loosely worn revealing her full breasts held tightly together either in bandages or black and blue bras. She wears a tight sash or belt around her waist to make sure he kimono doesn't fluff around too much. She likes to wear short pants that are trimmed above her thighs. To complete the outfit she has bandages wrapped up high past her knees or even knee high socks. For her footwear it really depends but mostly she wears sandals.

She is seldom seen with Shinobi gear when within the walls of Kirigakure. But mind you Yui is a shinobi and has what she needs hidden away. When she's geared for battle or out on a trip she wears her forehead protector where it belongs, on her forehead. She houses most of her kunai, shuriken, scrolls and other tools around her waist and on her back.

Land: Kirigakure
Character Rank: A-Rank
Clan: Ryukin
Element: Katon, Futon, Ryuton.


Gentle would be the best word to describe Yui. She carries herself in such a manner, moving about and conducting her business not too fast to appear flippant but not slow so that she appears lethargic. She greets everyone with a smile and treats everyone the way she herself would like to get treated, like a decent human being. This type of behavior is sometimes admired as well as laughed upon. Locals and friends love and adore her bright and friendly moods, taking a liking to her earnesty. However other's question why she stops to greet a homeless man or bother to waste energy on a passing stranger.

In general Yui likes everyone, greeting them with a smile and the type to offer them food or drink wherever she is.  Yet even she has things she doesn't like. People evil by nature (childish as it may sound), those who have no regard for those around them and only think of themselves. People hell bent on pain and death. Jashinist would probably be at the opposite scale of her. These are the kind of things that make her sad and upset. Out right anger and rage? No Yuo does not do such.

In General she doesn't try but simply does she the brighter side of things. She'd walk into a wall, get a bruise and be happy it it wasn't worse or someone else that got hurt. However there are things that make her sad. Passing of a friend would greatly affect her, having to kill would sadden her and sometimes she will get sad at more trivial and lighter things. Like, if someone didn't like a drink that she had tried hard to make.

Yui has a tendency to be truthful. She sees no reason to with hold the truth from someone when they ask for it. If the person asks her "how does my shirt look?" She will respond as she believes it to be. "The shirt is tacky and makes you look like a man in his mid 30's going through an identity crisis." She will say this without any animosity as she really means none. She will say it like she says good morning. However that isn't to say she can't keep a secret, things told in confidence between friends or village secrets. It is also incorrect to say she is insensitive.

The term "wouldn't even hurt a fly" though greatly over used beyond cliche, does describe her nature pretty well. Her firm believe is that life should be enjoyed. As such killing comes at a great burden towards her. She tries to avoid killing if possible believing there is goodness in people. This side of her meant a lot promotions held back, many hours of heated lecturers from her superiors or her fellow Shinobi. A Shinobi is a tool for killing and she was one. It's not her naivety that drives her away however. She fully understood from the moment she held a kunai, what it meant to kill. Kill or be killed, the stronger survives, however she's always felt from another point of view, the stronger has the option to choose life for both. Yet there are times where Yui understands that sometimes... sometimes it is unavoidable and once she has set her mind she will come to terms and do the deed herself.

Yui is a natural athlete, despite her frail appearance, she excels at physical activity. She is stronger, faster and more durable than she appears and dare say more so than most people. This translate well into her Shinobi career choice. Without much effort and practice she quickly grasps techniques and only a few tries is required to be used practically. Yet she is no flunky, she believes that the stronger can choose peace for both and such she trains hard so that she may be the one to choose.

Her training doesn't only include physical nature. She is a medical shinobi specialized in remedial healing, hoping to help those who have suffered in forms of cures or medicine. As such her interest lies greatly with nature and its many secrets, finding the fondness for outdoors.Yui has a passion for a few things but above all else, brewing is probably top of the list. She spends hours and hours a day brewing different alcoholic drinks and is virtually drunk most of the time. She likes to brew all sorts, some conventional, some not, some outright weird. Some result in a success but some a disaster. Her experimentation with different ingredients and brewing methods have only helped Yui develop her medicinal skills.

One might think it's dangerous that she is drunk and to some degree a doctor but no one needs a steady hand to prescribe medicine. In all honesty, Yui though appears to be drunk seems to have built either than extreme immunity to alcohol or simply just expels it out really quickly. She could drink 10 bottles of Sake, cut you up, remove your burst appendix, have you stitched up as fast as any other doctor and her sunshine of a personality would have you feeling good (nothing to do with the anesthesia).

Character History:

The nature of her birth isn't surrounded by mystery but there is a missing patch of it. Keida Hoshino a Jounin of Kirigakure was out on a scouting mission when he found Yui as a child, he brought her home and raised her. He didn't find it strange that their adoptive child's hair and eye color was not of norm but then again the patron clan of the Kirigakure were aliens. Yui was raised with love and grew to be loved by her community.

What was strange however is her father not disturbed with his child's aptitude and physical difference. He appeared to be prepared for it, ready with instructions on how to harness and improve her skills. Though not a fire user himself, he knew exactly how to train his beloved child. An academy system non-existent, Yui learned a lot from her father. He taught her about plants that were good for eating and those that were not, different kinds of Taijutsu, the utility uses of a kunai, ways to track, how to use her chakra.

When the time came Keida taught her how to use the wind style which she picked up at age 9. When the time came, Keida by word of mouth taught her how to use an advanced element that had not been seen for a few millennia. The truth about her lineage has been kept a secret to anyone other than Keida and Yui and Kirigakure has assumed her advanced element to be a mixture of sheer genius and unique chakra. Yui however grew to knew her blood was not quite human.

By Age 11 Yui was approved as a C-rank Shinobi, strong enough to be a field medic and fighting force. However she was often used as reserve and never quite on the front lines. Not due to her inability to kill but her reluctance to kill causing problems along the chain of command.

By Age 14, she excelled at her field, being a more adept field medic than any before her age. However she was not built for command and she was left at C-rank until she was 15. From 15 she was pulled off active field duty, given a teaching roll in the village. She'd teach younger generations who had potential to be medics or pursued a career in medicine.

Yui grew up fast, following her father everywhere he went and picking up on everything he did. However at the age of 15 her father died to an unknown disease, leaving Yui to be a sad girl. She began to become more active as a Shinobi, expanding her knowledge both as a Medic and as a Shinobi. Fearing her gentleness the village elders sent her on a 3 year pilgrimage. Traveling the world and forcing her to fend for herself.  At age 18 she returns a woman. She'd shed much of her naivety, seeing the world for what it was, however it also built her to believe in her morales carving her to be the Yui today.

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Terrible History but Done.
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Yui Ryukin
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