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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Angels in Flight

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PostSubject: Angels in Flight   Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:23 pm

[font=Georgia][b]Name:[/b] Obvious
[b]Rank:[/b] D-S
[b]Cost:[/b] Per rank
[b]Type:[/b] Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu ect.
[b]Element:[/b] Fire Release, Water Release ect.
[b]Range:[/b] Expend Jutsu Stats. 1 stat = 1 meter. 2 stats = 1 meter radius.
[b]Speed:[/b] Expend Jutsu Stats.
[b]Power:[/b] Expend Jutsu Stats.
[b]Handseals:[/b] Almost all techniques require handseals!
[b]Description:[/b] Be descriptive, please.
[b]Combination:[/b] What other techniques can it be combined with? Please be descriptive, could be used to earn rewards![/font]

Name: Fire Release: Yugure Effect
Rank: C
Cost: Varies
Upkeep: Varies
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire Release
Range: -
Speed: -
Power: -
Handseals: -
Description: This is a passive technique, rather than one that is activated through handseals, and doesn't have any effect when used alone. This can only be used if whoever wishes to utilize it possesses the ability to use Amaterasu, and allows the user to generate similar flames without fear of damaging their eyes. By applying an additional chakra price as well as a life force price based on the technique's rank, the user is able to convert their Fire Release into purple "Yugure" flames that burn much like Amaterasu, but are created like regular Fire Release, yet can be extinguished by a Water Release technique one rank above the technique's own rank. When the Fire Release technique has an upkeep price as well as an initial price, the user is required to pay the initial chakra and life-force price to convert, and then the chakra price added to the upkeep in order to maintain the technique.
D-Rank = +5 Chakra, +1 Life-Force to Price
C-Rank = +10 Chakra, +2 Life-Force to Price
B-Rank = +15 Chakra, +3 Life-Force to Price
A-Rank = +20 Chakra, +4 Life-Force to Price
S-Rank = +25 Chakra, +5 Life-Force to Price
SS-Rank = +30 Chakra, +10 Life-Force to Price
X-Rank = +40 Chakra, +15 Life-Force to Price
Combination: All Fire Release.

Name: Intercepting Fist
Rank: D
Cost: -
Upkeep: -
Type: Taijutsu
Element: N/A
Range: -
Speed: -
Power: -
Handseals: N/A
Description: This is the unique fighting style of the Uchiha clan revolving around the utilization of the advanced prediction abilities of the Sharingan in order to capitalize on the minute openings in a victim's Taijutsu. It is a reactionary style which allows the dojutsu using Uchiha Clan member to rapidly analyze the weak points in an opponent's Taijutsu stance before reacting to it resulting in victims without Speed equal to +150 above the Uchiha's own, with their Reactionary Speed modifier included, being unable to keep up with the user's basic Taijutsu as well as any advanced Taijutsu technique within the Intercepting Fist fighting style. Those without the Sharingan, or those who do not wish to use it, however can still make use of this fighting style being forced to rely on their Speed without the Sharingan modifier albeit at a lower level of mastery in comparison to those with enhanced perception.
Combination: Taijutsu

Name: Intercepting Fist: Interception Radius
Rank: D
Cost: -
Upkeep: -
Type: Taijutsu
Element: -
Range: -
Speed: -
Power: -
Handseals: -
Description: This is the Uchiha's enhanced use of their perception abilities and natural reaction speed in conjunction with the Sharingan and the Interception Fist has resulted in them creating an area around their body (5ft radius, 10ft diameter) in which they are able to utilize their Taijutsu & Nintaijutsu to intercept an incoming physical attack or weapon moving at speeds they are capable of reacting to. This technique like others within the Intercepting Fist line can be used to a lesser degree by those with only their Speed (3ft radius, 6ft diameter). This intercepting of physical attacks deals damage in return, either to an opponent or their weapon, while also allowing the Uchiha to launch their own counter attacks that are nearly impossible to dodge, unless the person being attacked is another Uchiha, putting those attacking the user of this style at great risk when they are in close range.
Combination: Taijutsu

Name: Uchiha Arts - Susano'o Fist
Rank: A
Cost: 75 Chakra (5 MS Points)
Upkeep: 5 Life-Force every 3 Turns, 5 Chakra every Turn
Type: Nintaijutsu
Element: -
Range: -
Speed: -
Power: -
Handseals: -
Description: The creator of this style, Angel Uchiha, will live on in the memory of all of his future clan members with this unique fighting style, which is only capable of being learned by the Clan Head and their chosen Heir. Those fortunate enough to receive these teachings are able to elevate their utilization of Susano'o past that of their contemporaries within the clan. With this fighting style an Uchiha is able to blend the activation of their Susano'o with the use of a specific discipline of techniques, those that are capable of being used through their Susano'o when it is activated, as well as Taijutsu. The result is the formation of the Susanoo either in it's Level One, Level Two or Level Three version mimicking thee user's actions materializing at high speeds (Equal to the user's) to complete or mimic their attack. Said attack is scaled to the size of their Susanoo often being unnoticed until the attack has landed unless the opponent has acute perception (+150 Above user's Speed; Reactionary Speed is counted along with user's speed if this is used for a Counter-Attack, and if the Sharingan is activated). The Susanoo is formed effortlessly though it adds a Chakra, MS Point and Life-Force price when used and kept up, however those with EMS do not need to pay the MS price. While capable of being maintained, the Susano'o rarely is as this style is often used for surprise counter-attacks or finishers and then immediately dispelled.
Combination: Taijutsu
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Angels in Flight
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