The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.

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    The Clan Wars Plot Empty The Clan Wars Plot

    Post by Eververse on Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:04 pm

    The Clan Wars Plot DmNk6nI

    Centuries ago, an intergalactic empire came to an end when a race of powerful and ancient beings known as the Vanir destroyed themselves due to lust for power. The Vanir worshipped a being known as the God Tree. The God Tree produced seeds which, when planted onto a planet, grew into a great and mighty tree capable of producing chakra fruit. These trees would absorb the nature energy of a planet and all life forms on it in order to produce this fruit, and would thus typically kill of an entire planet of all life forms within a century of it being planted. The fruit it produced was given to the royal princes of the Vanir who, once eating of it, became extremely powerful. The leader of the Vanir, Abraxas, ordered that seeds be spread across various dimensions and worlds, and appointed a prince and a colony for each world. Thus, the Vanir soon came to dominate the nine known realms by utilizing the power of Juubi. Eventually, however, this mighty empire came to an end when the lust for more power and immortality took over the Vanirian princes, a side affect of the chakra fruit no doubt. Thus, all small colonies fought with one another, cannabilistically destroying one another for the chakra within their bodies and their individual Juubi trees. Eventually, the Emperor Abraxas hatched a plan to ensure the survival of his species, seeing that it was soon coming to an end.

    Nearly every world containing a Juubi tree was destroyed, along with the trees as the veracious appetite of the Vanirians spread across the galaxy in search for these trees. Abraxas, however, had planted a seed on a far away, and primitive world in a galaxy not yet explored by the Vanir; Earth. He did this an escape route in case such a time as this would ever occur, or in case he needed extra power to feed on to subdue his enemies. He sent his wife Kaguya and a colony of Vanirians to this ancient world five hundred years ago...

    POA | Post Ootsutsuki Arrival
    EoP | Era of Peace
    Month/Year (starts at 00/00)

    03/00 POA
    - Ootsutsuki Arrival
    - Princess Kaguya discovers dormant Juubi Tree
    - Ootsutsuki vow to share knowledge of Chakra with Humans

    Kaguya and her colony arrive, and could quickly sense the presence of a dormant Juubi tree. They then build a small village around the tree and make peaceful contact with primitive mankind.

    07/15 POA
    - Humans begin studying at Otsutsuki Temples
    - Humans lust for power grows

    Learning from their past mistakes, the Vanir choose to share their knowledge with mankind, in hopes that it will enable them to avoid war. The best way to cure a lust for power is to share it.
    As humans learn more and more from the Vanir, they are mystified by the secrets and sciences about their own world and the powers at be that are revealed. Thus, they begin to rapidly increase in intelligence and in effectiveness of living. Technological advances are rampant, as are socio-economic systems that are now being invented. Soon, humans awaken the chakra within themselves and are now able to utilize their newfound powers to increase their standard of living and better fight the elements around them. However, with greater power and intelligence comes the fear of others who have more of it. Thus, the lust for power begins to truly blossom in the hearts of humans. What are the Vanir not telling them?

    11/15 POA
    - First attacks on Ootsutsuki compounds by Humans
    - Ootsutsuki focus on protecting the Tree

    Humans begin to steal from temples and show aggression towards Vanirians, claiming that they are keeping information about the tree from them, and are hoarding power for themselves. Several instances happen where humans are injured in attempts to assault Vanirians and their property.

    12/15 POA
    - Princess Kaguya mates with Human Male, Offspring meant to lead both their clan and the Human Race

    Eventually, princess Kaguya meets with the leaders of mankind to address concerns. Humans are afraid that with a power and wisdom advantage, the Vanir will use it to enslave them or wipe them out. They conqur that the only way to ensure that the Vanir will continue to look out for the survival of the Vanir and the human race is that there be some kind of person who is of both species. Kaguya then offers to bear a child with the sovereign of the human colonies, to produce a male child whom can rule after their deaths in order that peace might be maintained.

    09/16 POA
    - Asahi is born, Uchiha ancestor
    - Haruto is born, Senju ancestor

    Expecting one child, Kaguya is given two. Asahi first, and then Haruto. Both boys grow up being amidst both the Vanir and the humans. It was clear after sometime that Haruto was far more similar to humans and Asahi to Vanirians, but both boys had exposure to both. As time went on, it became of the utmost importance that both Kaguya and the human king identify which boy would be most fit to lead in peace for the betterment of both races. It became clear as time went on that the eldest son had great power, but a heart of violence that could not be tamed...

    03/34 POA
    - Princess Kaguya chooses Haruto as her successor 
    - Asahi disagrees with choice and vows revenge, disappearing for years

    When both boys came of age, Haruto, the younger brother, was chosen over Asahi; much to the shock of all involved. Humans rejoiced, Vanirians kept silent. Asahi, in a fit of rage and hate, then disappeared into the mountains where he would not be heard from again for three years.

    06/37 POA
    - Asahi returns, challenges Haruto for leadership over Humans and the Ootsutsuki clan
    - Juubi Tree awakens from the brother's battle and rampages

    Asagi, on a full moon, returns to the Vanirian compound to challenge his brother for the right to lead the planet Earth. A battle unlike anything ever seen takes place between the both of them, such that it awakens the dormant Juubi, who goes on attack mode in order to consume for itself the great vessels of chakra that were the two young princes.

    07/37 POA
    - Asahi passes facing the Juubi, offers Special Eyes to brother.
    - Haruto unites his and Asahi's power and takes down Juubi.
    - Juubi's husk forms the Moon, its power dispersed into Nine smaller vessels. 
    - The Ootsutsuki are sent to the Moon as its protector while the Haruto's descendants protect the Tailed Beasts

    In a battle that changed the geoggraphy of the Earth, the ten tails was defeated. Asahi perished during the battle, giving his eyes to his brother to finish off the beast once and for all. Haruto used the rinnegan to seal the carcass of the beast inside of an enormous interstellar prison that would become Earth's moon. Becoming the rightful sovereign of all the Earth at that time, he then split the chakra of the beast into nine forms known as the tailed beasts, which he kept for pets. He decreed that in order to end the conflict, the Vanirians be sent to dwell upon the Moon and the humans to keep the Earth, thus giving both races the ability to live in peace and harmony. Haruto's descendants would become known as the Senju clan, and Asahi's descendants as the Uchiha. Haruto's descendants would keep watch over the tailed beasts and ensure the balance of power among mankind was kept in check.

    08/37 POA
    - Era of Peace Begins

    An era of peace began for the Vanir as well as the humans at this time. A colony of humans was brought to the moon in order to reproduce with the Vanir, producing the clan today known as the Ootsutuski clan. This, yet another effort by Haruto to ensure unity between the species. Haruto, meanwhile, empowered each and every clan to find its own territory in the Earth and establish itself in a trade. The Senju were the most prominent clan, naturally, and were given rulership over all other clans, though through the venue of service and not tyranny. There is no war at this time, and all are in reverent fear of the demi-god that is Haruto, capable of meeting the needs of all peoples of the Earth and of the moon; traveling between both to ensure that peace was kept. Clans each have their own territory, but dwell within the same country in peace and in harmony. The city was called "Haruto" after its leader.  

    01/53 EoP
    - Haruto passes
    - Senju Clan offspring mourn
    - Uchiha Clan offspring bare hatred for Haruto, believing he stole the Special Eye power from his brother

    The Senju and the world mourn as their leader Haruto passes away, his body hidden secretly by the Senju and never found. The Uchiha clan at this time chose to show their obstinate resentment for Haruto and his clan, refusing to mourn or join in the festivities held for Haruto's funeral. Thus, sparking rage by the Senju clan. The Uchiha held that they believed Asahi was killed by Haruto and his eyes stolen; thus, they saw Haruto as a liar and a fraud. To this day, they hold this believe. At the time, their zealous leader, Ryujin Uchiha (great grandson of Asahi), was particularly strong about preaching separation from the "oppressive" Senju and that the Uchiha were sons of the first born and thus had the birthright to rule the clans of mankind and the Ootsutsuki.
    Thus began a conflict between the Uchiha and Senju that has only gotten worse since its conception.

    03/57 EoP
    - Kyuubi is released marking the death of the Senju Jinchuuriki and many others as it rampages throught their compound in Hanagakure.
    - Rumors spread throughout the Senju that the Uchiha caused the attack
    - Senju disband from Hanagakure, select few go on to form the Uzumaki clan.
    - Uchiha flee to Amegakure

    Eventually, the tension between the two clans boiled over into war. At this time, the nine tailed beasts were fully grown and nearly impossible to tame. Thus, a solution was made called the Jinchuriki. Nine direct descendants of Haruto's first son Ozai were chosen to be the first jinchuriki of the tailed beasts and were kept as sacred weapons among the Senju people. At some point, an Uchiha took control of the Kyuubi Jinchuriki within the Senju clan compound, and the Jinchuriki went on a rampage that took the lives of nearly 40% of the Senju clan at the time, and countless other clanspeople who dwelt among them. This event changes the world as the last remnant of peaceful tribes in the world disband out of distrust and grief. The Senju, embarassed, outraged, and furious, depart and begin dwelling deep within the forests. The descendants of Ozai are ostrasized and kept separate from the main Senju family. These descendants would then come together to form the Uzumaki clan and live in the land of flowers.
    The Senju blame the Uzumaki but are suspicious that the Uchiha were also involved, thus creating hate for both tribes. The Uchiha flee to the moutains as the consensus amid all clans of the world soon becomes that the Uchiha were to blame and are to be killed on sight.

    08/60 EoP
    - Clan wars prone to occur because of trespassers in foreign lands.
    - Clan Seclusion Act begins | Clan's stay to their respective lands unless written permission is granted
    - Shinsei clan becomes responsible for Jinchuuriki harboring and teachings 

    The Era of War officially began. Clans refused to trust one another after the event with the Kyuubi rampage. All clans spread out into their own separate territories and countries. Lands in between them were considered to be battle territory and unsafe for individual travelers. The Clan Seclusion Act was released at this time by the Senju, who the world still looked to for leadership amid the chaos. The Act concluded that from this point on, it was everyone for themselves. That international trade would happen through clans that agreed to trade with one another, but that there would no longer be shared territory and that to cross another's territory meant death.
    Meanwhile, a small pocket of humans that had kept a pure human bloodline by religious belief formed something called the Shinsei clan; a clan of the clanless. They were a private clan that were the private servants of Haruto Senju and were a secret society of sorts that kept ancient relics, books, secrets, and all artifacts from the ancient past that they could. In addition, they served as referrees for mankind per the order of their leader Haruto. He instructed them to various protocols should the human race fall into ways of hate after his passing. Thus, the Shinsei clan began to kidnap and harbor Jinchuriki. After the Nine tails incident, the Senju clan treated the Jinchuriki as cattle; as walking vessels of demons. Thus, it was easy for the Shinsei to convince the Jinchuriki to depart from their native clan members and come under their protection. The Shinsei clan began to hoard Jinchuriki, all of save for the kyuubi jinchuriki, who was kept under special protection.
    The Shinsei then began, much to the Senju clan's dismay, to teach other clans how to subdue and seal bijuu, and selectively choose hosts. Their plan was to spread out the jinchuriki, which in their eyes meant keeping the balance of power among mankind in check. The Senju were vengeful at this time, and it seemed likely they might try to annihilate the Uchiha and all their allies at any time.

    02/66 EoP
    - Ootsutsuki followers return to Earth and capture the 8-tails Jin, Shinsei clan nearly wiped out.
    - Kyuubi Jin escapes, it's power deemed to powerful, thus split into Yin and Yang portions
    - Yang Half sent to live among the Uzumaki

    For unknown reasons, the Ootsutsuki clan returned to Earth in a display of power and terror. The Shinsei clan hideout was found and nearly wiped out in one day by the Ootsutsuki, who came in search for the Jinchuriki. The Ootsutsuki were disgusted by what was going on in the Earth, and now saw it as their responsibility to take the reigns back on the chakra and power that humans had abused.
    The Kyuubi jinchuriki escapes from the Senju, only to be subdued and slain. The Nine tails is a power of such magnitude that it nearly drove the poor lad insane. The Senju thus decide to give half of the nine tails to the Uzumaki clan and set the other half free under the conditions that it would stay away from humans. In the meantime, tensions between Senju and Uchiha continued.

    - Ootsutsuki ominously create an kingdom over the ruins of the temples they originally created upon arriving on Earth.  
    - News of the Senju clan's army approaching the mountains of the Uchiha spreads.
    - Uchiha confirm these rumors by preparing for battle and the world waits on edge in anticipation of who among the three will start the next great war.

    The Ootsutsuki have come back to Earth and now reside in the Land of Snow, leaving the clans of Earth uncomfortable and curious as to the intentions of their new neighbors. The Senju clan leader has ordered that a small army approach Uchiha territory and camp just outside in order to speak with the leader on some unknown matter. Now the world awaits to see... Who will make the first move?

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