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Salamander Contract

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Salamander Contract

Post by Tenshi on Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:56 pm

[b]Name[/b]: Obvious
[b]Rank[/b]: D-S
[b]Type[/b]: Summon
[b]Element[/b]: Fire, Water, Earth, etc
[b]Size:[/b]: (be as descriptive as possible, include height, weight, & length)
[b]Handseals[/b]: (Remember all Summons require blood in some way, shape or form)
[b]Description[/b]: (General appearance, including color, clothing & such)
[i][b]Personality:[/b][/i] (What is the summon like?)
[b]Summon Abilities:[/b] Please describe the abilities that your summon possess.
[b]Starting Ryo:[/b] (Based off rank of summon)
[spoiler][i]Ninja Skills[/i]

[b]Medical Ninjutsu:[/b]


[b]Strength:[/b] 50(base stats)
[b]Speed:[/b] 50(base stats)
[b]Endurance:[/b] 50(base stats)
[b]Chakra:[/b] 50(base stats)[/spoiler]

Boss Summon:
Name: Akuma
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Summon
Element: Fire
Size: Akuma is a massive Summon, bred for fighting equally massive creatures. She is only slightly smaller in size than a Bijuu, though still a terrible sight to behold.
Handseals: Bite Thumb → Clap OR Bite Lip → Seal of Confrontation
Personality: Akuma is under normal circumstances quiet not typically speaking unless she wants to raise a point or if someone insults her/those who are important to her. She is very protective over those she considers family especially members of the Salamander Contract and will hold a grudge against any who kill her brethren until said debt is paid (with their life). When in battle she is utterly savage with a fondness for tearing off body parts and mauling her opponents rather than finishing them off quickly. Despite her own innate battle prowess she doesn't like to be summoned for trivial things and in the absence of her being the contractor's familiar (in the case of Angel) she will refuse assistance unless the situation is dire, either during war times, against another Boss Summon, a Bijuu or a Gigantic Construct (Susano'o, Wood Human etc.).
Summon Abilities:
Black Flames - Akuma was practically raised in the company of Angel Uchiha, in fact their bond was fostered due to Akuma being the first summon Angel ever encountered prior to signing the contract. To that end she was greatly influenced by Angel's style of combat particularly his fire jutsu. Despite being born with the ability to use regular flames, Akuma has passively modified her own flames to become pitch black with purple lacing through it, while also changing how they function. The flames no longer deal damage to the physical body of a target, but instead targets their chakra network. When an opponent is hit by Akuma's fire release, they lose an amount of chakra from their pool based on the technique itself. Due to the change in her fire, it has lost both its strengths and its weaknesses when it comes to Elements, making it neutral to all others.

Black Salamander Training:
Fire Resistance - Salamanders are naturally resistant to flames with the strength of this resistance being determined by the salamander's type, with Black Salamanders being the most resistant. When facing Fire Release techniques, and all techniques that generate any form of flame, the Black Salamander's Endurance is counted as being +150 higher than it is (when facing Amaterasu, this is only counted as +100).
Reactionary Speed - Akuma has been influenced by Angel's fighting style in many ways, and upon her becoming the Boss of the Summoning Contract, she wanted to match Angel's prowess as Clan Head. As such, she found a way to mimic his reactionary prowess that he was gifted with his Sharingan. Akuma has a passive +100 Reactionary Speed.
Poison Glands -  All types of Salamanders possess a venom gland which converts their blood into a specific toxic substance near a set location in their body, which happens to be the Lungs in Akuma's case, allowing them to release their poison from various parts of their body. Black Salamander venom's special property is that it is flammable, in addition to damaging a target's health directly when they inhale it, or when they are burned with flamed powered by it, which is translated as subtractions from one's Life-Force. This poison can be harvested by the Summoner as an S-Rank Poison.
Starting Ryo: 5000 Ryo
-3000 for 2 Major Abilities
-2000 for 2 Medium Abilities
0 Ryo left
Ninja Skills
Ninjutsu: 5
Taijutsu: 4
Medical Ninjutsu: 5

Strength: 50 + 125 + 10 (Tai) = 185
Speed: 50 + 125 + 10 (Tai) = 185
Endurance: 50 + 125 + 20 (Tai) = 195
Chakra: 50 + 125 + 50 (Nin) + 25 (Med. Nin) + 189 (Stat) = 439

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