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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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Miotis Sumimura


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PostSubject: Miotis Sumimura   Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:12 pm

Name: Miotis Sumimura
Nickname: The Black Ape of Kiri
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male

Height: 5'10
Weight:209.5 lbs
Miotis stands at 5'10 and weighs in at 209.5 lbs. Under any normal circumstance he is always seen with his hair down where it falls below his lower back and stops just in the middle of his attire. While his hair is short and messy, the golden locks often find themselves curling up especially around the right side of his face, where his often has little tufts of hair sticking out. His eyes are a soft golden color, and lower facial region is always covered with bandages while in his own home

Moving on to his clothing, if he ever out and about he often wears this. Starting with the top he wears a tattered shirt underneath a white cloak.

Moving onto the lower portion of his body he wears a pair of black pants which are held up by a single red sash. Attached to the golden buckle with holds the sash against the pants rests an ash grey and black pelt which drops just to the bells of his pants and rest comfortably against his sandals.

In a situation that requires him to be properly dressed and ready his appearance changes. He wears a white mandarin collared sleeveless shirt, worn over by a black sleeveless stand up collared jacket. The bottom half consists of white pants wrapped around by a sarong and tied with an abrasive belt. Along the length of his nose lies his birthmark which to some look like a small scar. The jagged line starts from one side of his nose to the other much like the scar his father had. The scar currently sits under bandages that cover his face.

Land: Kiri
Character Rank: C
Clan: Ootsusuki
Element: N/a


Miotis is very soft spoken and quite child who likes to stay away from people, due to his early upbringing and never really being around actual people. If seen or spoken to, the young child slowly shirks away before disappearing completely or just shrugging and walking off. Much like his father during his youth he can be quite rebellious and troublesome even when anyone tries to help him. Along with these quirks he also likes solitude among being with any company unless someone can bring him out of his shell. Underneath all of this lies the heart of a young sadist who can at any moment when provoked set alight a new means of destruction though this is only because he has had no real connection with people or family. Not one for talking or even showing emotions, this male would most like stare you down so to speak before speaking to you and if he does consider yourself lucky. Underneath all the somber, silent treatments and silence, Miotis is one of high intelligence and can show it without even having to utter a single work. Inside the deep workings of his mind, he feels that actions and gestures can express a persons true feelings rather than words.

Character History:

With his births unknown, Mitois's first breaths were not inside of a settlements hospital nor were they among the walls of a home. The first breaths and first sights of this illegitimate child were in a cavern far from his home and the family that probably never knew he existed. Held by those he embedded as his "family" Mitois grew up with no mention of his family. As he lived with his "family" he was often on the run with the two of them, the mother and father hiding from someone or something for the longest time. At the age of six, the young male watched as his "family" was torn from him, an emotionless child who had yet to understand he had nothing in this world. For some reason the ninja took pity upon the child and took him with them back to the compound where he had been locked up for some time.

As time passed the male, he sat staring at the wall blankly without any signs of reaction until it was proposed that the empty vessel of a child was used as a catalyst to host the two tails which had been captured just days prior. With no word of rejection he allowed them to prepare his body as the vessel, his blank eyes staring into the void as the beast had been sealed within him. At that point his life began to spiral as he was allowed to walk through the village, the people looking down to him as a weapon. Where many kids had friends, Mitois had none choosing to stay away from those his age due to the fact that their parents told them to because he wasn't normal or the same as them.

The young Mitois, now twelve continued to grow however his attitude did not to an extent as he was taught in the ways of a ninja in order to use his power as an instrument of war. During this time the male had heard the tainted voice of the demon inside of him, often dragging him to the recesses of his mind demanding the male to unleash him. An unfazed male stood in front of the beast for the first time staring at it, glaring in what slowly turned into regret for him. The more the beast spoke to him, pushing him to let loose, caused Mitois to seclude himself from the world as he tried to deal with the influence. Often times he had been watched over by ninja of the village for any sign of the beast emerging, but the male had sat in his room murmuring that he would not allow such a beast to control him. Ages past as the now more mature Mitois had became a D ranked ninja, assisting the people who have given him a home in silence for they had became his new family. Though he had not shown any outward affection of love or anything of the sort towards those that had "Accepted" him, Mitois's control over the urges of the power inside of him balanced due to the developments that had came from his new adoptive father.

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PostSubject: Re: Miotis Sumimura   Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:35 am

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Miotis Sumimura
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