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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Angel Uchiha

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PostSubject: Angel Uchiha   Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:52 pm

Name: Angel Uchiha
Nickname: Tenshi no Amaterasu; the Bloodied Angel
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125lbs
Appearance: Angel’s name is rather fitting, considering his appearance, as he is what many people would consider a vision of perfection. He stands on the shorter side of the average for males, at five feet five inches, and weighs in rather light at one hundred twenty-five pounds. His build is slender and lithe, with an overall effeminate vibe when it comes to his hips and legs. His skin is a pale porcelain color, giving him the look of a doll rather than a human being. His skin is largely unblemished, outside of silvery scars that have arisen on his arms and legs from his early years of learning to handle weapons. His facial features are rather delicate, smudging the already blurred gender-line when it comes to discerning Angel’s sex. His eyes are a deep crimson color and almond shaped, with full delicate lashes. His hair is a deep brown rather than the trademark Uchiha black, and is cut to fall around his face, framing it and its delicate shape nicely, while a portion of it is braided and tied with a white ribbon. Another thing of note when it comes to Angel’s appearance is his Sharingan, which due to the same strange genetic mutation that rendered his mother and sister incapable of unlocking the eyes, has changed his own eyes from the standard red to a radiant gold when activated. This color in a way is more unnerving than the natural color of the eyes, as one doesn’t know if it is truly the Sharingan and not just another powerful Dojutsu with a similar design until one sees the capabilities of it firsthand.

Angel’s choice of attire is a mixture of traditional Uchiha armor, shinobi uniforms and his own flair, making a unique look that is a mixture of defense, utility and fashionable tastes. He wears a button up white shirt with a black sleeveless vest atop it, with the vest possessing golden buttons and trim. Atop this he wears a white belt with a gold buckle across his waist, and a black over coat with golden trim and a red plaid design on the inside. He wears simple black pants and heeled boots that are in actuality modified shinobi sandals made to fit Angel’s fashion preferences. He wears crimson and black gauntlets that cover his forearms and the backs of his hands, as well as his palms with gloves, while leaving his fingers free. He also wears a red scarf wrapped around his neck as a sort of all-around accessory, and sometimes a black hat with a metal plate adorning it, the plate bearing the Uchiha clan symbol upon it.  When not wearing this attire, which is usually only worn when he is on official business, missions, and meetings, he wears a simple maroon kisode, black hakama, a checkered obi sash, simple sandals and the same red scarf he wears usually, with the addition of a head band worn across his forehead. He usually paints his nails either red or black, and uses charcoal for eyeliner, like some females.

Land: Land of Lightning
Character Rank: S-Rank
Clan: Uchiha
Element: Fire, Lightning, Wind

Personality: Angel’s name is as fitting for his personality as it is for his appearance, as for the most part he is a calm and serene individual. He isn’t easy to anger, and is more prone to feeling annoyance or frustration in place of that emotion. Otherwise, he is a rather understanding and kind person, one that a person is easily able to come to for any problem they may have, and trust that he will keep a person’s confidence and not tell a soul when a promise to secrecy is made. He is so not only because of his past, but because a level of trust with others is essential for making or breaking a clan head, so it is his mission first and foremost to earn that trust from those he comes across. He is not prone to letting emotions overcome him, due to the results of him doing this in the past, and because of he is usually level headed and logical, being capable of seeing the pros and cons of any and every situation as they are put before him without having to sift through his own emotions about said situation. While this paints him as a rather cold and uncaring on the outside, he makes it a point to show that while his emotions don’t rule him, he does indeed have emotions.

Angel may not let his emotions rule him, but he is human and his emotions are still there. He feels happiness and joy and sadness and even anger when he is pushed to that point. He feels happiness when he remembers the good memories of his sister and former lover, and sadness as well when he remembers all that they had been through and the culmination of their story. He feels joy when in the midst of combat, as sadistic as that sounds, because that was what he was bred and made for. That was what made the most sense to him in the world and what he was best at, so being able to partake in even a simple spar brightens Angel’s day considerably. He feels anger when he remembers the deeds of the old elders, and how they orchestrated the death of two people he held most dear. His emotions roil beneath the icy surface of his cold mask, however at times they break through ever-so-slightly, shown in small smirks and smiles from Angel, or the dulling of his eyes when he is sad, or his eyes glowing gold rather than red when he is angry. Angel, while forced to grow old before he ever had a chance for a childhood, is still rather fun loving, enjoying playing pranks on others when he can get away with it. He also has a rather sharp tongue, with sarcasm and passive-aggressive comments being frequent in all of his conversations.

Character History:
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Uchiha   Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:54 pm

A unique gold Sharingan.

APPROVED. I'm sure you know that the sharingan stays a sharingan.
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Angel Uchiha
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