The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.

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    Post by Kiiro on Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:51 pm

    Market Place

    Welcome to the Clan Wars General Store. Here we have a wide selection of Shinobi tools for you to choose from. In order to buy something, you'll need to make an update including the items and price reduction from your current Ryo.

    Basic tools:

    • 1 Kunai/Shuriken/Senbon: 10 Ryo
    • 1 Windmill Shuriken: 50 Ryo
    • 1 Smoke Bomb: 20 Ryo
    • 1 Explosive Tag: 30 Ryo
    • Ninja Wire (per meter): 10 Ryo
    • 10 Makibishi: 50 Ryo


    • Small Scroll - Can hold 50 basic tool items or a human sized object: 100 Ryo
    • Medium Scroll - Can hold 250 basic tool items or 5 human sized objects: 500 Ryo
    • Large Scroll - Can hold 500 basic tool items or 10 human sized objects: 1000 Ryo
    • Big Radio - Worn on your back, as big as the average backpack and can communicate with other radios on the same frequency within 200 meters of each other. Reduces your speed stat by 20. Available to all: 200 Ryo
    • Handheld Radio - Your average handheld radio which you don't have to carry around on your back! Much better than a Big Radio considering you can hold it in your hand, it doesn't reduce your speed, and it can communicate with others on the same frequency within 500 meters of each other. Available only to villagers with the Communication Perk level 2 bought: 300 Ryo
    • Headset Radio - Yes your ultimate way of long range communication without the use of jutsu. This radio is very small and can be placed inside your headband, or even your ear if you'd prefer it that way. This radio can communicate with others on the same frequency anywhere within the same land as each other. Available only to villagers with the Cummunication Perk level 3 bought: 500 Ryo
    • Container: A small container about the size of an average flask. Whether you want to store alcohol, water, or fresh DNA for preservation inside of it is up to you. Can hold one liter of fluids: 300 Ryo
    • Gas Mask: This gas mask is able to help you breath under water for five posts as well a protect you from inhalation poisons of C rank and lower though acidic poisons would eat right through the material: 300 Ryo

    Poisons: Only available to those who have the Medical Ninjutsu Skill. Antidotes cost the same as the poison. These prices are per dosage. You should create your own poison with the poison template and have it approved.

    • D-rank: 200 Ryo
    • C-rank: 300 Ryo
    • B-rank: 400 Ryo
    • A-rank: 700 Ryo
    • S-rank: 1000 Ryo

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