The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.

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    Thread/Posting Limitation Guide

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    Thread/Posting Limitation Guide Empty Thread/Posting Limitation Guide

    Post by Sᴀᴍᴇᴏɴɴᴀ Hᴏsʜɪɢᴀᴋɪ on Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:13 pm

    Thread/Posting Limitation Guide Cooltext320491319808676

    This guide is used to determine how many threads any one (1) character can have at any given time. The exception to the multi-topic rule being that if you are currently in a combat thread (unless it is a spar, marked with a "NK" (No-Kill Tag), you cannot have multiple topics at once, as the fluidity of the other threads becomes complicated should your character die - causing participants in said other topics suffer due to them being voided as a result of your character suffering a death.

    Further Note: You may only have multiple threads in the same country/continent. This means that you cannot have 1 thread located in Yukigakure, and another thread located in Amegakure simultaneously.

    Thread Limitations:

    • Flashback Topics: 2
    • Mission Topics: 2
    • Current/Active Topics: 1

    Further Information: PLOT TOPICS: If your character is currently involved in a plot topic, you cannot be in any other topic as long as you are in the aforementioned plot topic - until it has concluded. This is to prevent your character from otherwise affecting the flow of character development or the flow of roleplay based on the development of other characters (roleplayed by other people), as the topic would otherwise be voided if you were to die in the aforementioned plot topic, as well as to alleviate the possibility of metagaming or godmodding using a plot topic as a catalyst. This is the only exception to the above rules stated. You must conclude, finish and exit a plot topic before advancing to another topic. This is law.


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