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    Post by Kiiro on Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:47 pm

    Weapons Guide & Template

    On Clan Wars, we have made our weapons system very expansive and innovative, allowing those who specialise in weaponry & Items/armour to maximise their potential for battle proficiency. Weaponry includes all blades, arrows, bows, axes, kunai etc. Items/Armour include amulets, gems, puppetry additions.

    Weapons have two aspects to them that are given per rank: Stats and Abilities.


    D - 200
    C - 300
    B - 500
    A - 750
    S - 1,000

    Weapons receive a set amount of stats per their rank and they are split into POWER and DURABILITY. The strength is how hard your weapon can hit given its properties; and durability is how much it can take without breaking given its properties.

    1. You must place at least 25% of max stats into the endurance stat of your weapon.

    2. Each rank of weapon has a strength requirement to "wield" that weapon. This does not apply to items.

    D - 50
    C - 75
    B - 100
    A - 125
    S - 175(200 for Limited/Restricted weapons)

    Depending on the rank of the weapon, a certain amount of strength is required to wield it. Weapons in general are harder to wield, even if they are not blades. "What if my weapon is a little rock" - its still heavy, and you will have to meet the requirements to have it.

    If your weapon is an ITEM, then it does not have strength requirements, but it also does not have the POWER stat, since its main power relies on its Abilities. So instead of a sword, lets say I have a necklace. That necklace does not require 200 strength to wear; but it also does not have 500 strength like a sword. Make sense? So if you are wielding an extremely rare ITEM, like most items in anime, it will be extremely durable and have unique affects.


    D - 1,000 ryo
    C - 2,500 ryo
    B - 4,000 ryo
    A - 6,000 ryo
    S - 8,500 ryo

    Pay up if you want that blade.

    Weapon Abilities

    Weapon abilities can do numerous things, and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. However, there are limits when it comes to weapons and their abilities.

    Minor Ability
    -Max Stat boost of +50 to one stat.
    -Cost 4,000 ryo

    Medium Ability
    -Max stat boost +75 split between two stats or placed into one.
    -Cost 6,000 ryo

    Major Ability

    -Max Stat boost is +100 split between two stats or placed into one.
    -Cost 8,000 ryo

    ***For ITEMS, your abilities will grant you:

    +25 for Minor
    +50 for Medium
    +75 for Major

    Items have lower stats than weapons:

    D rank - 100
    C rank - 200
    B rank - 300
    A rank - 400
    S rank - 750

    Armor Rules
    I will keep this short and sweet.

    1. Armours are treated as Items.
    2. Armours cannot make you immune to Genjutsu.
    3. Armours may have a "elemental advantage" towards an element or force; but must have a corresponding weakness to another element or force. So they can pick an element or force that they get a "unique stat" for. Like a lightning resistance armour, when you place stats in the "unique" stat(say 150), it doubles the stat for that attribute t defends against in this case Lightning, which becomes 300 instead of 150). This applies to armour only.
    4. Requirements for armours can be added at staff discretion.


    D-rank Weapons/Items: 1 Minor Ability Only
    C-rank Weapons/Items: 2 Minor Abilities/ 1 Medium Ability
    B-rank Weapons/Items: 2 Medium Ability/ 1 Major Ability Only/ 1 Major Ability & 1 Minor.
    A-rank Weapons/Items: 1 Medium Ability and 2 Major. Or 3 Medium Abilities+1 Bonus Minor Ability.
    S-rank Weapons/Items: 3 Major Abilities/ Any of the Above Combinations. +1 Minor Bonus Ability.

    The Abilities of a weapon/item cannot incite effects that are deemed to be in excess of that weapon/item's rank.  In addition, some passive & non-direct combat abilities, may not require a chakra cost (Such as chakra storing ability). Staff reserve the right to determine whether an ability should cost chakra or not.

    Upkeep Cost: Weapons/Items with abilities that can be prolonged over a number of posts, all require an upkeep cost.

    Minor Abilities: 10 Chakra Per Post Per Ability.
    Medium Abilities: 15 Chakra Per Post
    Per Ability.
    Major Abilities: 20 Chakra Per Post
    Per Ability.

    The above Chakra costs does not receive any Chakra discounts.


    How does stacking work on weapons?
    Stacking on weapons follows a basic principal, each stat can only be effected by 1 weapons ability. So you can't triple up on speed or endurance. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Abilities & Capabilities:

    Abilities for weapons, items and armour are split into three categories. These are minor, medium and major abilities.

    What is minor ability?
    A minor ability is anything that is considered a D/C-rank jutsu/technique and below. Minor abilities on a weapon require the use of chakra per post on the user's part in order to be able to utilise the ability.  

    What is medium ability?
    An adept ability is anything that is considered a B rank jutsu/technique and below. Medium abilities on a weapon require the use of chakra every post on the user's part in order to be able to utilise the ability.

    What is major ability?
    A major ability is anything that is considered a A rank jutsu/technique and below. Major abilities on a weapon require the use of chakra every post on the user's part in order to be able to utilize the ability.

    What about chakra storing on weapons?
    Chakra storing can be an important part of having a weapon. Chakra storing takes up an ability slot. The most you can store on a weapon is 300 Chakra. Must be a major ability. Note that you may only have 1 chakra storing ability on any one piece of item/armor or weapon.

    What about chakra absorption on weapons?
    Chakra absorption can be a potent ability to have on a weapon, along with a few details on how it works on weapons. Chakra absorption is considered a trigger ability, meaning it must be turned on, and lasts for a certain length of time before a cool-down. D rank chakra absorption equals 1 minor slot, and lasts for 8 posts with a 3 post cooldown. C rank chakra absorption equals medium ability slot, and lasts for 6 posts with a 3 post cooldown. B rank chakra absorption equals major ability slot, and lasts for 4 posts with a 2 post cooldown. Please note that as chakra absorption is a special skill, you may not absorb chakra without first purchasing the "chakra absorption" skill.

    What about regular items that aren’t weapons?
    Talking about things like Shields, Armor, Rings, Helmets and such? If you are talking about custom things like bombs, potions, pills, medicine, antidotes, that is a separate subject.

    Regular items are open to anyone, but they still follow the same guidelines for bukijutsu. Regular items only can have a max of 3 ability slots, even for Bukijutsu or Samurai Masters

    What can’t weapons/items do? What is borderline and what can I get away with?
    Everyone wants the best, if they can afford it. But somethings are beyond the realm of what can be accomplished here. While this list isn’t exhaustive, nor is it comprehensive, it is the starting point of a large number of questions on what a weapon can, and can’t do. We’ll start with one of the things we see the most requests for

    • Increasing Strength of X/Y/Z – Weapons/Items cannot increase the strength of your jutsus, or elements or moves. This means no +1 to Taijutsu, or +1 to Katon moves.
    • Genjutsu and such – Weapons/Items cannot nullify, block, stop or hinder effects of genjutsu.
    • Nullification – Weapons/Items cannot nullify any particular techniques/moves/jutsus/combat styles. We will be flexible with creative ways, but not to the point where it’s ridiculous. A weapon with “fire sealing method” would be different than a sword that “eats opponent’s katon moves”.
    • Automation – Automation is a tricky subject, and if your first concern is “but what about” or “how about” let’s just stick with “no” as a standard answer. Weapons/Items that have things that automatically active generally aren’t allowed, however creative individuals might have some sort of leeway when it comes to this. In any situation, if the weapons/item acts as a “get out of jail” free card, then it will be denied. Such as “when hit, automatically body flickers a safe distance away” or “When a taijutsu move is used, automatically releases chidori current”  Weapons that have abilities for controlling extensions of the weapon(such as appendages, threads, etc, fall under the "automation" or automatons. As such, the ability to control these abilities correlates somewhat to puppetry(but you do not necassarily need puppetry to control a wepon's abilities) Wepons may only have half the controlled numbers a puppeteer can use. Therefore, if you have a D Rank weapon, it may only control ONE automaton feature(Such as wilfully controlled threads or blades) and at S Rank, you may only control up to FIVE.
    • Weapons do NOT give permanent stat boosts. If you absorb chakra from a person via your weapon, it lasts for that topic only; this goes for any and all other kinds of stat absorption/boost etc.

    These abilities may differ in power and a mod may ask you to increase the ability level due to the power description you have provided, though they can also suggest you lower the ability level if they find you categorized it higher than you've described it to be. We as staff will heavily monitor item and weapon abilities to prevent copied abilities or similar abilities, as well as to prevent counter abilities from getting out of hand. An Example of a Counter ability is an item that protect you against Genjutsu. If such abilities get out of hand we reserve the right to give Genjutsu users permission to create an item that voids your counter ability.

    Please note, the rank of your weapons and the weapons you can use, correspond to your level of Bukijutsu.

    [b]Type[/b]: (What kind of a weapon/item is it?)
    [b]Materials[/b]: (What is your weapon/item made of)
    [b]Visual Description[/b]: (What does your weapon look like? A picture along with a paragraph would suffice. Or make it 300 words in length if there's no picture).
    [b]Unique stat[/b]:(Items/armor only)
    [b]Ability[/b]: (Powers, physical traits, etc.)
    [b]Requirements[/b]: (You may put in conditions or restrictions in wielding this weapon/item if you like)

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