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    Post by Kiiro on Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:46 pm

    Summoning System

    This is a more advanced explanation of how summons work on Clan Wars. We will be covering everything about summons, from a summon's stats to a summon's skill points, and everything in between. One of the most basic components of the summon's system, is that your character must possess the summoning technique. This is also known as Kuchiyose no Jutsu.


    Your summon's rank will determine how many stats its allocated. This will vary depending on the stature of the summon etc. Size will also determine stats too. The bigger they are, the heavier they are, physically stronger etc.

    C-rank: 300 Stats              
    B-rank: 450 Stats
    A-rank: Human Sized: 600 Stats [Large Sized Summon: 700]
    S-rank: Human sized: 700 Stats [Giant Sized Summon: 800 Stats]

    C-rank: Can grow up to 4 meters tall/long Max
    B-rank: Can grow up to 15 Meters tall/long Max
    A-rank: Can grow up to 30 Meters tall/long Max (LSS)
    S-rank: Can grow up to 60 Meters tall/long Max(GSS)

    Size & Stats:  What are Large Sized Summon and Giant Sized Summon? These are typically your Gamabunta sized Summon. Large ones are smaller, and due to their mass can cause more destruction. Or better equipped to deal with threats similar in size etc. Human sized summons can be just as dangerous. Monkey King Enma is one example of such. Might lack in size, but makes up for it in skill etc.

    Summon Skill Points:

    *Your summon's rank will also determine how many Skill Points your summon gets. This is equal to a shinobi one rank lower than your summon's rank.

    *Your summon can receive the "no element +1 Skill Point" reward, though not the "no clan +1 Skill Point" reward.

    *Each summon regardless of rank start off with one element. Can opt against having any. First element will cost 2x the amount if you opted for +1 Skill Point.

    C-rank: 8 Skill Points
    B-rank: 10 Skill Points.
    A-rank: 12 Skill Points.
    S-rank: 14 Skill Points.

    Ranking Up:

    Your summon may be able to rank up just as you are able to rank up. Upon ranking up, your summon receives +2 Skill Points.  Here are the costs for ranking your summon up.

    C-rank to B-rank: 7,000 Ryo & 2,000 Exp
    B-rank to A-rank: 10,000 Ryo & 3,000 Exp
    A-rank to S-rank: 15, 000 Ryo & 5,000 Exp

    Cannot go past S-rank.

    Multiple Summon Contracts:

    Your character can possess multiple summoning contracts, however you may only make one yourself. In order to obtain more than one summoning contract you have to sign someone else's summoning contract IC (In Character). You may only have a maximum of two summoning contracts.

    *Can only have up to 7 Summons per contract. If a summon dies, must wait 28 RL days before replacing it.

    *Some creature types may differ from the usual. For instance, Itachi uses a murder of crows at times. While in Genjutsu format, in such instances. We ask that you create a technique with a specific function, power and speed.

    Summon & Limited Skills:

    *Summons between C and B-rank are only allowed 1 limited skill.
    *Summons A-rank and above are allowed 2 limited skills.
    *User must pay for these using their own ryo or from the summon's starting ryo.
    *Discount tokens from the Lottery can be used towards certain purchases.

    -No Hermit Chakra
    -Can have Juuinjutsu(No Curse Seals)
    -No Sage Mode for Summons, but can help to gather sage chakra. (Further explanation will be added to sage mode skill).

    Summon Ryo and Jutsu:

    Summons are allocated a certain amount of Ryo and Jutsu tokens. You may purchase extras using your own personal ryo fund.

    C-rank: 2500 Ryo & 1 Free Jutsu Token(Between D and A-rank)
    B-rank: 3500 Ryo & 3 Free Jutsu Tokens(Between D and S-rank)
    A-rank: 5000 Ryo & 4 Free Jutsu Tokens(Between D and S-rank)
    S-rank: 7000 Ryo & 6 Free Jutsu Tokens(Between D and S-rank)

    A-rank Summon can have 3 SS-rank Techniques and no X-rank. Must be custom techniques.
    S-rank Summon can have 5 SS-rank Techniques and no X-rank. Must be custom techniques.

    Summon Chakra Requirement:

    Summoning a creature requires the use of Chakra. You will not pay Chakra for the Summoning technique itself, but instead pay a set amount of Chakra based on the summon's rank.

    C-rank: 30 Chakra
    B-rank: 45 Chakra.
    A-rank: 65 Chakra.
    S-rank: 75 Chakra.

    C-rank Shinobi Must pay double chakra cost to use A and S-rank summons.
    B-rank Shinobi Must pay 1.5 chakra cost to use A and S-rank summons.

    In order for a summon to stay in play, it has to pay an upkeep in which the upkeep will be removed from it's own Chakra Pool. The upkeep is dependent on the summon's rank.

    C-rank: 10 Chakra every 2nd turn.
    B-rank: 15 Chakra every 2nd turn.
    A-rank: 20 Chakra every 2nd turn.
    S-rank: 25 Chakra every 2nd turn.

    The above is for when the summon is called into battle. Social topics and the like doesn't follow the same rules. Not unless staff deem their to be an infraction on the guidelines.

    Purchase Cost:

    C-rank Summon: Costs 4,000 Ryo
    B-rank Summon: Costs 10,000 Ryo
    A-rank Summon: Costs 15,000 Ryo
    S-rank Summon: Costs 20,000 Ryo

    Note: NPC cannot purchase or sign a summon contract.

    Summons & Abilities:

    *Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious and needs to be stated. A summon can posses certain passive abilities which goes with their animal type. Please note that things out of the ordinary will be judged more harshly. Staff may elect to ask you to convert certain things into a jutsu. How does it work? Its simple. If you summon dogs, then one can expect them to have a good sense of smell, hearing etc. These things can be noted with a bit of flavour. Can smell up to X amount of distance.

    *If I summoned pigeons then obviously they will be able to fly. But how fast? Should be based on their own base speed. Anything more will be jutsu oriented. I hope you get the point.


    *Mythical creatures will be subject to staff vote and judgement. As a rule of thumb, we're not allowing dinosaurs, orcs etc.

    *Can I use Canon summons? Some folks are in love with canon summons. Whether its snakes, toads or whatever. As a rule of thumb, using canon pics for likeness are okay. But we don't expect you to completely rip off their personality and so on.
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    Post by Uchiha Izanagi on Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:23 am


    -Summons can now be created.

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