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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Jashinsim Clan

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PostSubject: Jashinsim Clan   Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:09 pm

Name: Jashinism
Founder: Motsudo Jashin
Location: Kirigakure

Allegiance:Ootsutsuki Clan
Requirements: Must undergo the Jashinism Ritual of Initiation.

Special Info:

  • You may "convert" to Jashinism and join this clan, and in doing so you lose your KKG when undergoing this operation; this cannot be undone.
  • Only 3 slots are available as of now. 0/3 Slots currently occupied.

  • Once all slots are filled. Any potential new members must seek out an already established Jashinist.

  • Those wishing to join clan after slots are filled. Must have sacrificed at least 3 persons to Lord Jashin.

Clan Special Characteristics: Immortality. People of this clan are effectively immortal and these are the following guidelines:

  • User does not die by physical wounds no matter how severe. Decapitation, blows to organs or the heart etc. do not kill the user. Any wounds that appear on the skin are healed within a single post, or show signs of healing if they are deep enough. Some wounds take longer to heal. A cut to the throat takes more time to heal than a stab to the thigh.
  • Some jutsu's do not effect you like they do a normal body. Wind style that can usually cut of limbs only severely cut Into limbs. The damage is not reduced, but they can't cut all the way through. Use this to your advantage. HOWEVER. Two jutsu's of strong enough force can cut off your limbs if they are done at almost the same time at the same place. Your own endurance will tell you how strong they have to be. Fire Jutsu's cannot burn you to an ash like normal bodies, but they can burn you enough to make it hard to move. Water Jutsu's that are designed to cut have powerful enough forces that they CAN cut through your limbs without a problem if your endurance isn't high enough.
    The formula to use for this is as follows.
    Wind: .5 x Wind tech vs. Endurance
    Fire: 1.5 x Fire tech vs Endurance
    Water: 2.5 x Water tech vs Endurance
    Earth: 1 x Earth tech vs Endurance
    Lightning: 1.5 x Lightning tech vs Endurance
    For those who don't understand. 1 is normal effectiveness. Wind techs are half as effective against a Jashinist. This is why it takes two of the same wind techs in a single place to cut a Jashinist.

  • If the user's brain is removed, the user effectively is dead unless it is returned to their skull. If their head is cut off, they do not die however.
  • If the user loses all their chakra, they become extremely fatigued and move at half speed for 2 posts while they wait for it to come back. Strength is also reduced by half, and you cannot use any Jutsu's while in this state.
  • All Jashinist start off with 150 extra life force. (This is to explain all of the regeneration, as well as other things.) The 150 life force does Not increase the healing of the already incredible healing that Jashinist have. But to Explain it better.
  • WILL die from complete obliteration, or from abilities that does harm on a cellular level.
  • User cannot have another KKG and this.
  • If you lose all of your life force, you Will Die. This is an Iron Clad Rule. Always be mindful of your Life Force.
  • You can die from mal-nurishment, but thanks to how your body was altered, you do not start to feel malnourished until at least a month and a half has past of consuming nothing. When this happens, you will start to die via loss of life force of 5 LP per day. You can stop this by eating again, but you will need to eat much in order to gain your LP back after this.

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:Jashinism
Type of Kekkei Genkai:Body Enhancement
Description:The user undergoes a special operation, which must be performed by another Jashin and they are transformed into a follower. Once this is done, the user gains Lord Jashin's Immortality. This immortality is described above, and is active in all users without the use of chakra.

- A Voltori Jashin is an advanced Jashin. At this level, the user gains the ability to feed on other entities in a vampiric fashion. They gain two fangs in their mouth that are 1.5 times their strength. And when their teeth are sunk into a person, they are able to do a myriad of things via different jutsu. Only the best of the best, as well as the most devoted become a Voltori, and because of this, they are extremely hard to kill due to their experience and time in battle.

A Voltori Jashin also gains a limited ability when he/she first becomes one, but cannot use this ability effectively until they have mastered it by using it three times. Until then, its power is 1/2 the normal.
Voltori also gain an extra 50 Life Force when they become one, as well as 100 extra chakra.
Once you become a Voltori, you are allowed to implant a KKG from a different clan. But only a single one, and you must do it with a God level Medic. Once this KKG is implanted, you may not implant another, even if this one gets stolen.

Voltori Requirements: TBA


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Jashinsim Clan
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