The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.

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    Maetarriku Clan


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    Maetarriku Clan Empty Maetarriku Clan

    Post by Mokusai on Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:11 am

    Name: Maetarriku Clan
    Founder: Tsuki Maertarriku
    Location: Otogakure no Sato

    History: Long ago, there was a clan of blacksmiths fiercely loyal to the Uchiha and to the king of the Sound village at that time. They dealt advanced weapons of warfare that gave the edge to their partners in the wars of those days, and created the technology that established many nations. One day long ago, there was a meteor shower that devastated the outer edges of Otogakure, obliterating the blacksmith compound and killing hundreds. Tsuki Maetarriku, one of the young and talented blacksmiths at the time, was the only person within a fifty meters radius of the meteor strike that survived. Inside the meteors emerged a strange and almost symbiotic metallic substance that infected the dozens of clansmen in the compound. The substance seemed to kill all that it touched or infected, each dying a horrible death of inner cellular destruction. Strangely, Tsuki Maetarriku was the only person that day to survive coming into contact with this metallic substance and permanently bonding with it. Shortly after, the Uchiha clan came and looted the vaults of the blacksmiths, killing off any survivors. They knew that their enemies would likely come and try to enslave and steal away the treasures of the clan, and they didn’t want their advantage in weapons taken elsewhere. Seeing this, Tsuki went into hiding and living in smaller towns. He soon found a few others who had also survived the meteor strike, and together they formed a small clan that lived in the mountains in obscurity.
    Together they learned the art of mastering the new abilities available to them, and passed them on to their descendants.

    Requirements: Makusai permission

    Special Info:
    Clan Special Characteristics:
    Clansmen have natural enhanced durability in strength due to metallic substance in body.
    Durability = +175
    Strength - +75

    Durability - +200
    Strength - +100

    Name of the Kekkei Genkai:Magnet Release
    Type of Kekkei Genkai: body enhancement
    Description:This KKG is divided into three branches:

    Konji/Koton - Metallic Release
    This branch primarily consists of the lower class workmen and soldiers in the clan. They are able to morph their body into pure metallic substance and create weapons from this transformation.

    Majin/Meiton - This is the royal branch of the clan and it consists of users who use Magnet release. This release enables users to have a field of familiarity and connection with metals within a small to large radius depending on the skill of the user. These shinobi are generally able to create jutsu out of utilizing this unique ability of manipulating metal inside of them and around them. They generally carry around iron sand they are able to utilize in battle.

    Andujar - These are a rare breed of Maeterriku shinobi clansmen, and are said to be fabled. The founder of the clan was one of these, one whose body accepted very naturally the metallic substance and bonded perfectly with it. It is believed that every so often his descendants carry this unique trait as well. Andujar have an extraordinary amount of the metallic substance imbued in their system, enabling them to have access to both steel release and magnet release, making them potential masters of both branches.

    Slots 1/2


    Name: Metallic Armor
    Rank: S
    Cost: 60
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: Metallic Release
    Range: Self
    Speed: N/A
    Power:+600 endurance
    Handseals: N/A
    Description: With these technique, the user coats their entire body from the inside out with metallic substance, causing them to become nearly indestructible.
    Combination: What other techniques can it be combined with? Please be descriptive, could be used to earn rewards!

    Name: Magnetic Pulse
    Rank: D-S
    Cost: 60
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: Magnet Release
    Range:0-150 meters
    Power: 450
    Handseals: Almost all techniques require hand seals!
    Description: This technique enables the user to telekinetically control all metal within a 150 meter radius at a basic level. The user cannot affect the iron in the bloodstream with this etc. but move and control objects with metal in them. The power tells how much force their telekinetic grip has on the objects they are trying to control. The user may pay an extra 20 chakra to add 100 power to this technique, and 10 chakra to add 25 meters. The user may move and throw things at their own speed stat. It cannot affect living things that resist this technique with a greater strength OR endurance.
    450 power = Trees, large animals, weapons, etc.
    650 power = People (with weaker strength than this technique)
    750 power = Small buildings
    850 power = large buildings
    950 power = Bijuu-sized objects
    1,000+ = Meteorite-sized objects

    Combination: What other techniques can it be combined with? Please be descriptive, could be used to earn rewards!
    Uchiha Izanagi
    Uchiha Izanagi

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    Maetarriku Clan Empty Re: Maetarriku Clan

    Post by Uchiha Izanagi on Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:01 pm

    1. If this is magnet release, then please follow the already established canon version. I believe it requires Wind and Earth release to create Magnet release. This then allows you to use different things. I.E Iron sand, gold dust etc.

    2. The established them for advance release clans are +200 to jutsu power. The durability and strength boosts are far too high.

    3. The clan at the moment is a mixture of custom and canon. Please can you keep this as canon as possible?

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