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    Post by Aramitama on Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:10 pm

    Name: Shenso
    Description: Shenso is a taijutsu based fighting style greatly characterized by swift, almost reckless movements and decisive ends to battles. While it appears unrestrained and wild, this is a superficial effect generated by lack of extremely rigid forms or postures. Instead, it emphasizes flexibility and aggressive motions supported by supplementary movement skills and body control to outmaneuver and outpace opponents.

    Most notably, this style uses chakra to generate drill-like blades along the warrior's limbs and body which are used to cut down all opposition. As such, the fighting style treats the user's body as a weapon and practitioners fight as if they are living swords, which lends to the reckless appearance of the style. Because of this, all jutsu under this style are treated as using a bladed weapon even when unarmed, meaning simple punches can dismember enemies with ease. By default, unless otherwise specified in specific jutsu, the power/endurance of these chakra blades are considered equivalent to the user's strength, just like a normal punch would function off of strength as well. It is highly common to merge this style with wind style chakra techniques.
    Combination: What other technique
    Requirements: Must have at least 4 in taijutsu and 3 in bukijutsu to learn. Learn from Aramitama.

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