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    Mission System


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    Mission System

    Post by Eververse on Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:27 pm

    For missions of a certain rank, each participant must write a certain number of words for the mission to be completed. Here are the minimum word count requirements. You can now also gain 100 ryo for every 500 words that pass the mission or training wc requirements.

    D-rank: 300
    C-rank: 600
    B-rank: 900
    A-rank: 1,500
    S-rank: 2,000

    D-Ranked nin are only allowed to do D-C rank missions. C-Ranked nin are only allowed to do up to A-rank missions.

    Mission Rewards

    The following are guideline amounts of Ryo which missions reward you according to their rank. Mission creators may change the amounts as they wish depending on the difficulty however they may not differ much and if they do they need the approval of a Head Mod or higher.

    D-rank: 300 Ryo
    C-rank: 600 Ryo
    B-rank: 900 Ryo
    A-rank: 1,800 Ryo
    S-rank: 2,500 Ryo

    Team Missions: There'll be a 25% Bonus to Ryo for all participants involved in the mission if it was done with your team or a clan. However, for you to receive this you must give an extra 25% wc for the given mission however.

    No mission may be repeated more than once a week, Missions must be broken up so that the mods/admins can see where each mission is, and each mission needs to be labeled as such, or at least put at the top or bottom of your post which missions you are doing. Don't do 5-6 missions in a single post, as that's quite a lot of reading that the mods have to do. Try and keep it to 2-3 missions at most per post. Do Not use the same sentences over and over in a single post, or the post after that. Each post should be unique, even if you've done it a thousand times.

    All missions need to be organized by Land. Not clan or person. All missions need to be open to your clansmen or those who Live in your clan. I.E. Banner clans.

    Mission Experience Rewards:

    D-ranked Missions: 70 Experience Points
    C-ranked Missions: 150 Experience Points
    B-ranked Missions: 250 Experience Points
    A-ranked Missions: 400 Experience Points
    S-ranked Missions : 600 Experience Points

    Team Bonus: Experience points for Team Bonus is also +25% to the mission experience pay out if you type an extra 25% wc.

    Disclaimer: Event missions must be RPCd by a staff member.

    Custom Missions
    We know that most great mission ideas come while your character is developing and moving IC. That being said, we realize you don't always feel like going through the process of making a mission and then getting it approved. So, we are allowing characters to make their own missions on the spot as long as they abide by the rules.
    So if my character is sitting down one day and decides he wants to go on a walk and help clean up the forest, I could make that a D rank mission and post it on my thread.
    This goes for all missions.

    Note: You must post the mission on your thread like any other mission, and from thence the mission begins. You may not; I repeat MAY NOT, do something IC and then simply say that it was a mission of xyz rank.

    You must meet the requirements of whichever mission you are desiring to do and mods will check for legitimacy when reviewing your update.

    Disclaimer: ?????


    [b]Mission Name[/b]:
    [b]Exp/Ryo Reward[/b]:
    [b]Mission Description[/b]:
    [b]Location[/b]: (This should be your land, or another.)
    [b]Additional Information[/b]:
    [b]Eligible Members[/b]: (Who can take this mission?)

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