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    Implants Guide Empty Implants Guide

    Post by Eververse on Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:24 pm

    Implants Guide OUXQgt6

    In an attempt at attaining more power implants are made available to shinobi here on Clan Wars to gain abilities and even Kekkei Genkai of another clansmen, as mighty as they are they do come with certain restrictions that limits any and everyone from receiving them so freely. Receiving a Kekkei Genkai requires implanting certain cells into the receivers body, but first one must acquire such cells utilizing a Container, this can be found in the Market Area of the Weapon's Creation. Only Shinobi with Iryo-Ninjutsu Skills may perform such feats. There are also different types of implants and each particular type will vary in application.

    Iryo-Ninjutsu Skill | Medical-Ninjutsu Skill (This can be found on the Skills list as well)

    • Adept | You can perform surgery. When performing surgery you must use the diceroll, if you hit a 7 or lower then the patient will die.
    • Master | Your surgical risk has been reduced, if you roll a 4 or lower then your patient dies.
    • God |You've become a legendary surgeon, you have no need for a diceroll and each of your surgeries are a success.

    As stated above certain restrictions have been placed upon Receiving Implants & Kekkei Genkai. Below is a basic requirement for when obtaining the different types of implants available.

    KKG implants, from Kakashi's Sharingan to Yamato's awesome use of the Mokuton element from the clan Senju, are something that we fell in love with very quickly in the series. And we would be really robbing you if we did not allow that experience here! But anybody who has seen clips from the lab of Orochimaru knows that this is not a game without risks or without draw backs!

    So, if you would like a KKG, this is what you will need to have and what the rules are!

    • The heart, liver, or kidneys will contain KKG that contributes to physical stats, like the Lifeforce of the Uzumaki.
    • Vital organs like those listed above are also mandatory for clan specific advanced release, such as Wood from the Senju or Ice from the Yuki.
    • Chakra costs 1.5 to use your implanted KKG. This includes upkeep of eyes(But can increase). KKG element costs will vary based on their capabilities and other factors.
    • Cost to purchase techniques from an implant are double the ryo cost or wc to train. Custom limiteds(SS-rank & Above) cost the same.
    • The surgery requires a 1,000 word post from the surgeon. Doesn't have to be in one post but same topic.
    • The Medical Ninja will gain 500 EXP upon successful surgery.
    • Advanced Elements must still be purchased after the implant. 
    • There is a cap of three implanted KKG. Several Sharingan will not count as several implanted KKG.
    • Implanted KKG(Dojutsu included) requires a 2,000 word post to get used to the new feature of their body.
    • Physical stat boosts are 1/2 when gained from implants. Life force does not count; you gain 10% of someone's life force (if it is at least 125) when gaining their implant. This only counts for clans that naturally have Life forces of that amount; not implantees whose life force has been increased through implants.
    • Anything that wipes out KKG is not bypassed by implants. This is subject to situations.
    • Dojutsu implants on the forehead give 1/4 the boost of said eye, and follow other eye implant rules. Eye implants anywhere else do NOT give boosts in speed. A forehead dojutu gives 1/5 the added gen points to the user of the inserted eye.

    People may use bone pulse techniques but they cost x1.5 the chakra. The endurance of the bones is 500, and the power is +100. You do not gain flight or life force boost. You gain +40 endurance naturally due to denser bones.

    Tenseigan Rules

    * No Truth Seeking Balls and their Jutsu. These cannot be used by a non full blooded Otsutsuki
    * X 2 Chakra AND Life Force for any Tenseigan techniques that may be custom or cannon            derived techniques
    * +50 LF, +125 Chakra upon receiving the Tenseigan
    * The Chakra Cloak bonus gives +200 to speed, endurance and strength

    Byakugan Rules

    * Range of Byakugan reduced to 4k
    * Half Genjutsu Points Gained
    * Half Speed Boost of Byakugan Reaction


    *Those who gain sharingan pay upkeep for the eye at 1.5 times the normal amount. You do NOT gain Sinister Chakra; and your sharingan may be upgraded like a normal sharingan is.

    *You gain half the added gen points and speed boost of a sharingan when it is implanted, and these boost only come into play when implanted as actual eyes. Implanting them on your arm, chest or other body parts will vary if any at all.

    *You may upgrade a sharingan to a MS through the same method as normal Uchiha do.

    *The Sharingan remains active at all times for Non-Uchiha. This means you must pay a chakra cost which is x2 its normal upkeep. Best to cover up the Sharingan like what Kakashi did. This stops the unintentional chakra taxation.

    There are two branches, each with a different KKG, therefore the one receiving the implant must accept the KKG of the branch of the one he takes the organs from. The user must buy all of the elemental releases to use them. Dust release moves will only have a boosted 300 to power but same chakra cost.
    Swift release will Grant 30% Natural Speed boost, and a 15% Speed boost to One Natural, Jutsu costs will be increased by 50%.


    You may use ONLY the element of the Terumi whom you are gaining an implant from. You may use their element at same power but at one level higher chakra cost. So if it normally costs you 1.5 for lava per say, it costs you x2. Apply the same principle to the other Terumi clan elements. The person who gets a Terumi implant may have ONLY the element of the Terumi they are getting an implant from. They may purchase ONE additional Terumi element after this, at double the ryo with the normal chakra cost rule of Terumi elements. This new element will count as another implant and must be registered in an update.

    You gain 10% of the person's life force, so 15 life force gain. You may use mokuton, but chakra cost is x2 unless your life force is 150 or above.

    The implanted will get 10% of the Uzumaki life force; so +12.5 added to their life force.



    *Gains +140 to Strength, Speed and Endurance when using sage transformation. Stage 1. +220 to speed, strength and endurance during stage 2. (Sennika-Sage transformation)

    *Cannot have Hagoromo implant, sage mode or curse seals together.

    *User's chakra is replaced by sage chakra when sage transformation is in use.

    *Gains 600 sage chakra. Ranking up from S-rank gives +100 sage chakra each time.

    *User constantly absorbs/regains sage chakra. 50 sage chakra per post.

    *Using up 100% of your chakra will prevent the use of sage transformation for 3 posts. This means using up all your base chakra amount, not including chakra gained per post.

    *Will succumb to rage when fully transformed. Will attack both friends and foes. This can last for 5 posts. User is unable to absorb/replenish nature chakra for 3 posts.

    *Natural affinity for sensory using senjutsu chakra. Can sense up to 250 meters away. -30 Chakra per post usage/active.

    *Cannot heal injuries in the same manner Hagoromo clan members can. I.E absorbing others or sharing their flesh with others.

    *Techniques cost 2x Chakra.

    *Techniques gain +25% to jutsu speed, power/endurance. Jutsu range now gains +10%.

    *Cannot maintain sage transformations for more than 7 posts at a time. Cool down of 2 posts. Implanted Hagoromo DNA erodes the user's mind and body. Overuse of sage transformations will force the user's body to shrink into a younger version. All stats are halved.

    Chimera - A person with Cihmera may absorb up to two extra KKG/implants via the technique itself above the amount they have. They may also bypass strict methods of implant rules by absorbing an entire person; i.e. do not need to gain just the organs etc.

    Edo - Edos may be upgraded or "added to" via implants but they must follow the same rules and are unable to gain greater life force. All implants must be registered.

    Aeriopax Quintessance - Due to nature of KKG, can sometimes bypass how KKG is obtained i.e. not needing to implant kidneys per say if user has cells within a person already.

    ***More clans will be added as time goes on and as is necessary. Any needed additions to the Implant system will be added as staff see fit.
    Uchiha Izanagi
    Uchiha Izanagi

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    Implants Guide Empty Re: Implants Guide

    Post by Uchiha Izanagi on Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:07 pm


    1. New rules added to the Sharingan.

    2. Hagoromo implant updated.

    3. Implant general rules updated. Please check these over.

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