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    Clan Wars Experience/Reward System


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    Clan Wars Experience/Reward System

    Post by Eververse on Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:22 pm

    We are proud to reveal one of our most unique and wonderful aspects of our site - The Reward System!

    Here on Clan Wars, we would like to reward you for the time and energy put into developing and building a quality character. So, we have created a self-rewarding system that rewards you when you put that extra time in to Character Development; especially with other RPers! Character development is defined as time spent building a story with your character, and making them significant to the world (other characters). This includes time spent alone with your character finding out who they are, understanding their past and maybe even their future, destiny etc. As well as time spent interacting with others. This all plays a major role in not only earning EXP points (which are the currency of the Reward System) but also enabling you to unlock very special upgrades for your character - including stats!


    Experience(Exp) is earned by character development topics. Topic where your character is not simply "doing stuff" but doing something significant to their own story, and/or with someone else. The following rules will show you how much Exp and Ryo you earn for such topics; and please keep in mind that we will actually read your topic to check if it is worthy of Exp points. They are extremely valuable and not given out lightly. However, it is also not uncommon to be able to earn Exp through the mission system. The amount one can earn per mission will have a fixed amount attached to the mission's rank.

    • For every 100 words in a CD topic, you get 10 exp points. So 500 words = 50 exp points etc.
    • Each CD topic must be centered around a story specific narrative, and something your character is doing that is significant to them. This cannot be random missions unless those missions are with your clan members. Missions with Clanmembers needs to be at least A rank and above for you to earn EXP from.
    • You get 250 ryo per CD post that is at least 500 words.
    • Exp may NOT be "given" away to other members nor may they be sold to anyone save for the site for ryo.
    • Exp can be sold to the site for 200 ryo per 50 exp points.

      Reward Items

      Skill Points - 5,000 Exp = 1 Skill Point.

      Legendary Weapon/SSW - 25,000 Exp - Obtain one legendary weapon or item from the Naruto universe (to be staff created and approved as required). One cannot take already taken legendary weapons that are not available obviously. Should one wish to pay 10,000 Exp, they can trade one of their legendary weapons/items for another. Allowing them to "effectively" trade. This can only be done once per character.

      Extra Limited Slot - 25,000 Exp - One Slot. Only one slot max may be purchased per character.

      KKG Upgrade - 10,000 Exp - May upgrade your Sharingan or Byakugan etc. up one level. Can be used on clans that require evolution of KKG to use. Implanted KKG also benefits from this reward. Cannot obtain Mangekyou Sharingan, Tenseigan using this method.

      Free Canon KKG Implant - 20,000 Exp - Free Implant from canon clan. May skip the procedure, and proceed to do a character update and have it approved. Implant must begin at the basic stage. I.E Sharingan starts off at 1 Tomoe unlocked. This counts as one of the implant slots, and may only be purchased once. However, this allows those who purchase it to effectively act as if they were born into the clan, no drawbacks, allowing them to fully operate as if they were a member of that clan.  

      Hidden Clan Skill -20,000 Exp- May purchase the right to learn and master the techniques of a Canon Hiden Clan. This stems from Aburame, Akimichi, Nara, Inuzuka etc. Must have this APPROVED before hand. May also utilize the Clans limited Jutsus.

      Custom Implant - 25,000 Exp - Implant from a custom clan.

      Custom Legendary Weapon - 20,000 Exp -  Allows you to make a SINGLE weapon with 2,000 stats instead of 1,000. For armor or items, you may have 1,500 stats. Legendary weapons have generally more potent abilities as well.

      King of Puppets - 20,000 Exp -Enables you to make a Single puppet that has 1,300 Stats!

      Summoner's Bond 20,000 Exp- Enables you to create or have one Boss/S-rank level Summon with 1200 stats. Also +1 Skill point for the Summon.

      Extra Limited Skill Slot 15,000 Exp- You can purchase an extra limited skill slot. ONLY 1 extra skill slot may be purchased per character.

      Thy Kingdom Come - 20,000 exp - Create your own Country! One of which you are the king of officially and may rule! Staff will create a forum for it, and you may invite others to follow you into a new kingdom.

      Element Creation - 40,000 exp - Create your own custom element! You may design its properties and abilities as you wish

      KKG Creation - 60,000 exp - Have your character be the founding father of a new genetic pool! Your character may "unlock" a new KKG! It may be either elemental, or body enhancement. Your character, regardless of natural bloodline, may "awaken" this IC!!! This acts as a natural KKG mutation almost, meaning that it does not count as an implant, and allows you to fully utilize it. That being said, you can only purchase this once per character.

      Implant- (2nd Branch) 20,000 Exp- Allows you to purchase a second branch Element from a KKG that was implanted. This works for KKG that has multiple elements connected to it.

      [Uchiha Only] Mangekyou Sharingan (Must have third Tomoe first) - 30,000 exp.

      [Uchiha Only] Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (must have MS) - 30,000 exp.

      Special Ability (custom) - 10,000+ exp. Can be virtually anything, but must be approved and a price given. If you have at least the base amount, you may try to purchase. These are relatively basic abilities like the ability to fly etc. but still very useful. These are not ultra-super powers.

      NPC - 30,000 exp/You may choose the clan; Must be B rank to start out. An extra 8k for A rank; an extra 15 k for S rank. 20,000 Exp for C-rank and below NPC.

      Rank Up - 10,000 exp - Automatically skip the requirements to rank up, pushing you ahead one rank. This can only be purchased one time, so use it wisely. You gain all the benefits of ranking up one level. Costs 5,000 exp additional for C to B, 10,000 additional ex for B to A, and 20,000 additional for A to S. Cannot use this to rank up to SS or X

      Extra Implant Slot - 15,000 exp - Your character gains an extra slot for implantation. Note this can only be purchased once, and only gives the slot, not the implantation.

      Request a Battle - 5,000 exp - By purchasing this, you are allowed to request a battle against another member of the site. This is strictly for EXP gain, or a rank up if you qualify. Please read the challenge system for more details


      That is it for now Clan Wars family, if you would like to see some other things up here, just let us know! We enjoy being able to reward your hard-work in unique and exciting ways!

      Stay busy,


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