The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.

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    Asuka Uzumaki

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    Open Ranks

    Post by Asuka Uzumaki on Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:26 pm

    Welcome all to the new and improved Naruto Clan Wars! To start out we will have a certain number of ranks open, available in each village.


    -S rank: 1/1 (Asuka Uzumaki)
    -A rank: 1/1 (Lotus Senju)
    -B rank: 0/3
    -C rank: 0/5
    -D rank: 2/Unlimited (Uchiha Izanagi, Takeshi Uchiha)


    -S rank: 1/1(Adam)
    -A rank: 0/1
    -B rank: 1/3 (Kuramo Otsutsuki)
    -C rank: 0/5
    -D rank: 1/Unlimited (Mo-ri Dan)


    -S rank: 1/1 (Noet Hagoromo)
    -A rank: 0/1
    -B rank: 0/3
    -C rank: 0/5
    -D rank: 1/Unlimited (Kahya Lei)


    -S rank: 1/1 (Uchiha Aramitama)
    -A rank: 1/1 (Aya Senju)
    -B rank: 0/3
    -C rank: 0/5
    -D rank: 0/Unlimited


    -S rank: 1/1
    -A rank: 2/2
    (Kiseki Oikake)
    (Kouga Hagoromo)


    -Currently closed until furthur notice.

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