The Clan Wars!

The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Senju Clan

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PostSubject: Senju Clan   Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:53 pm

Name: Senju Clan
Founder: Avalon Senju
Location: Kingdom of Malachandra

History: The Senju clan are a race of people who are the descendants of the legendary Avalon Senju, who is considered to be the greatest shinobi to ever live. Born from the alien Princess Kaguya, his father was greatest of the Kings of Samurai, and his brother is Azulon Uchiha; the Uchiha clan founder.
He, with the help of his brother Azulon, defeated the Juubi and eventually created the nine tailed beasts in order to have a balance of power in the world. The Senju clan spent many years being the guardians of the tailed beasts, and the most powerful clan in the world until the great war that the Uchiha waged with them. The Uchiha took hold of the tailed beasts and used them to nearly wipe out the Senju and surrounding clans. Since that incident, the Senju grew very cold towards outsiders and consider to be the Uchiha a clan whose existence threatens humanity itself. They are quite disgusted and yet at the same time mournfal with the Uzumaki clan for their worship of the Shinigami, though they at one point were in good relations before the Uzumaki took to said practices.

The Senju clan's main power resides in their unique molecular structure, which is unlike that of other people. Their cells function at an efficiency unheard of and they have unusual vitality as well as longevity. They age comparatively much slower than other people, and rarely get sick or maintain injury.  They have inherited cells from their forefather that are unique and exceedingly strong. They have abundant life force out of the energy within their cells and it is thought that their life force is most rich in their heart.
Currently, they reside in an oasis/forest within Konoha, where they live in abundance as farmers and craftsmen. They are quite suspicious of the Ootsutsuki clan's arrival on earth, and they have not yet responded to offers to come and meet their new ruler...

Clan Customs/Attire: The Senju are a very kind and simple people, whose main dwellings have a lot to say about their life style in general. In Senju communities, the aged are the most uplifted. Sages, as they are called, are the counselors of people and instructors of the children. They teach history and philosophy of Senju rhetoric. The Senju are great students of agriculture and nature as a whole. They are extremely adept at reading the weather, communicating with animals, and all things to do with plants. In addition, they possess and uncanny skill for fishing and seamanship. Their children or forced to gain a sense of craftiness through manipulation of wood or elements in general. By the age of 12 they are able to build their own houses and hunt for their own food. They are seen wearing all manner of colored clothing, usually preferring baggy pants and tunics. Their women wear skirts and dresses exclusively, as to wear the attire of a man is taboo for the most part. All men work in the field, hunt and build. Community projects are those that the men of the village are all expected to work on. The Senju have the strongest family structure out of any clan and are have the best unity in terms of overall community and environment. They truly operate as one family, and even many past Uchiha have noted that their greatest strength lies in their capacity to work together and love one another unconditionally. They are known for the virtue of faithfullness and have a high capacity for work ethic.

Lastly, the Senju excel at the medical arts quite substantially. Being students of nature, they are also quite knowledgeable about the human body and anatomy of all living things. Hence why they have many natural advantages to others in difficult environments.

Clan Special Characteristics
The Senju KKG revolvs around their high life force and proficiency in all forms of skill.

Life Force - The Senju start off with 150 life force, being the descendants of Avalon. Their boost is +38 to two stats of their choice (round up from 25% of 150 which is 37.5).

A Thousand Skills - The Senju are the most naturally well-rounded clan known. This is largely due to the wonderful teachings of their sages handed down from Avalon himself. They begin with +2 skill points which they may use in any area except for Fuuinjutsu. The fuuin knowledge they once possessed left with the Uzumaki clan's separation.

Mokuton/Elemental Boost Having such powerful life force, they also have uniquely strong chakra which is utilized in one of the following ways. The Senju may either have Mokuton, OR +20% increase in the stats of one chosen element.

*The clan leader may have Mokuton (+20% increase in stats for jutsu's speed, range and power.) OR +20% increase in stats for TWO chosen elements."

Name of KKG:
Type of KKG: Body Enhancement/ Elemental

Description:The Senju clan's power is based off of their powerful life force, which constitutes powerful cells as well as chakra. Their chakra, being fused with their life force, can be converted into a source of life manifesting itself in the mokuton element. They are able to create this element from anywhere at anytime.

In addition, some of the Senju clan are able to use their unique cellular structure as well as life-force potent chakra to gain greater mastery over elemental ninjutsu. Senju who have this ability do not need a water source for suiton techniques, for example.

*Mokuton techniques are based on the user's chakra and life force, and requires suiton and doton in order to use.
*Mokuton techniques have an elemental weakness to fire.

*Senju start with Water and Earth; and Mokuton if they choose that over the boost. They may choose to start with no elements and get +1 skill point.

Mokuton techniques are largely based on the powerful life force of senju stemming from their unique cells. A-S rank techniques in particular tend to be related to the users life force, though this can vary.

Clan Techniques:

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Senju Clan
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