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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Uchiha Clan

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PostSubject: Uchiha Clan   Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:48 pm

Name: Uchiha Clan
Founder: Azulon Uchiha
Location: Kumogakure
Allegiance:Clans in Kumogakure

History: The Uchiha clan are descendants of Azulon Uchiha, who is said to be the most powerful Uchiha who ever lived. He strived with his brother Avalon, king of the Senju, and ended up dying in the battle with their Juubi. The Senju contest that Azulon gave his eyes to his brother Avalon as a dying gift to defeat the beast. The Uchiha, however believe differently. They believe that Azulon was slain and tricked by his brother, and that he was chosen instead of his brother to inherit the fruit of the Juubi tree to rule mankind and the Ootsutsuki. The Uchiha still hold that the are above all races on earth, and their eyes are the sign of their birth right and superiority. They are blamed for the most horrible war that mankind ever experienced that ended in the splitting of all clans and the wiping out of civilization.

The Uchiha have inherited the immense intelligence and powerful chakra of Azulon Uchiha, their forefather. Their chakra is uniquely powerful and able to be molded in a greater variety of ways than any other race; hence their proficiency with genjutsu. They are exceptionally skilled in coordination, agility, speed, and overall body control. Lastly, they are excellent swordsman and are the world's leading producer of katanas.

Currently, they reside in the mountains alone and secluded, as are all other races. They despise the Senju to the point where they will rarely trade if at all with them, even though they provide most of the world’s food. They are blacksmith’s themselves, and are known for creating powerful blades and weaponry. It is unclear how they feel about the Ootsutsuki clan’s arrival on earth, but they have grown no less cold and indifferent about the rest of the world...

Clan Customs/Attire: The Uchiha, despite being seen as demonic enemies to the rest of the world, are a quite gentle people in nature. They are not cold like the Ootsutsuki, but rather gentle and warm as well. The natural weakness they lack is their tenderness of heart being easily turned into a monster of vengence and rage. They are a people very easily given to rage, and have a very rich love for one another. Avalon Senju noted that his brother Azulon loved his mother more than life itself, hence his heartbreak when she chose Avalon over him. The Uchiha maintain that the Senju have lied about the events of the past, and have refused to let that go. They have a great deal of respect for their clan heads, and their leaders lead with respect and fear. In the Uchiha clan, at the age of thirteen you are expected to face off in training other Uchiha boys in an almost hunger-games like way; where many contestants die. The winner is expected to likely be the next clan leader. They believe in a very brutal way of showing power and are not in the slightest hesitant to show brute force. The Uchiha are laborers, like the Senju. They work extremely hard and are said to have the greatest weaponry cabinet of any clan on the planet save for the alien kingdom of the Ootsutsuki.
Their children are taught various sciences and philosophies and are said in general to be exceptionally good at mathematics and all forms of predictive calculation. They are quickly siphoned off as children into training skills they show proficiency at, and every male above the age of 13 is considered to be enlisted in their army.  

Clan Special Characteristics:

*Uchiha get +2 bukijutsu points.
*Uchiha start with Fire and lightning OR can  start with no elements in order to gain +1 skill point.
Sinister Chakra - Every Uchiha inherits Azulon's uniquely sinister chakra. This enables them to have a passive boost of +15 to their chakra for every 100 stats in their chakra at base. So if they have 100 chakra, they actually have - 115.
*All boosts to speed via dojutsu are REACTIONARY speed boosts; meaning they only come into effect when dodging.

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Type of Kekkei Genkai: Dojutsu


The KKG of the Uchiha is the Sharingan eye, which has several stages of evolution, each initiated by growing emotional distress.

*Reactive Speed boosts DO NOT STACK. You have the reactive speed boost of the level of eye you have.
*Genjutsu points DO STACK. So in total, A tomoe 3 sharingan user has +500 genjutsu points to whatever their static points are. This makes them virtually invincible to standard genjutsu.

Tomoe 1 - The user can see chakra, giving it colour in order to distinguish it by its composition and source. Though not as capable in this regard as the Byakugan, it can see chakra through some (but not all) obstructions and detect irregularities in a person's chakra flow, such as those caused by genjutsu influence.
The user gains +25 in speed when tomoe one is active, with the chakra cost being 10 per turn. They are not able to see tenketsu points, or through some objects, but can see chakra.

*Upkeep is 5 chakra per post.
*User gains +100 Genjutsu Points
Requirements: 2,500 ryo/Must have life put in danger IC.

Tomoe 2 - The user is granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling them to read lips or mimic something like pencil movements.In combat, this allows them to see fast-moving objects and, once fully developed, offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept.Although a Sharingan user can see these things, they also need the physical ability to actually act on the visual information.

The user gains +50 to reaction speed when tomoe two is active, and is able to mimic basic movements. They are able to read their opponent for predictive signs of reaction, and can memorize hand signs so as to “predict” jutsu.

*Upkeep is 5 chakra per post.
*User gains +150  Genjutsu  Points

Requirements: 5,000 ryo/ Must have life put in danger IC by a PC enemy. Must provide evidence.

Tomoe 3 - The final evolution of the basic sharingan. At this level, the Sharingan shows why it is called the “Copy Wheel Eye”. The user is able to copy almost any jutsu they see, memorize ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with near-perfect accuracy. They can then either perform that jutsu or modify it to suit their needs, as when Sasuke Uchiha bases his Lion Combo on Rock Lee's Front Lotus. Again, Sharingan users need the prerequisite abilities before they can mimic a jutsu they have seen, and for that reason they cannot, for example, reproduce kekkei genkai abilities they do not have or nature transformations they haven't learned to perform.

The user gains +150 to reaction speed.
User gains +250 Gen Jutsu Points.
The user can copy techniques up to their level in mastery of a particular art. So if you are level 4 in ninjutsu skill, you can automatically copy techniques up to A rank in elements that you possess. This does not include KKG or Hiden techniques.

*Upkeep is 5 chakra per post.

Requirements: 8,000 ryo/Must be pushed to a near death experience by an enemy; evidence must be provided and approved.

Genjutsu Sharingan

Mangekyō Sharingan

The Mangekyo Sharingan is the final evolution of the Sharingan which is awakened upon the trauma and pain of emotional loss or even longing. This usually is awakened by the death of a loved one, but can also be initiated by a deeply traumatic event that does not involve the Uchiha killing someone else. 

  • User must have mod approval to awaken MS.
  • MS cannot be awaken Via a flashback, missions or hearsay. Must have the thread approved by a mod.
  • MS users get 150 points to spend on MS techniques; each time a tech is used, points are spent. When all of points are gone, user is blind, and cannot use MS techniques any longer.
  • User gains +50 Genjutsu Points.
  • Upkeep is 10 chakra per post. Normal Sharingan no longer requires upkeep.

To clarify and further detail the appropriate way to obtain the Mangekyou Sharngan, we have developed a vicarious method for members to assuredly obtain MS so long as they follow the rules. Infractions to these rules may lead to permanently being denied MS or further advancements. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: You must buy an NPC. You can buy this NPC at any personal shinobi rank and at any sharingan advancement stage. You may have an Uchiha NPC, but it may not allow you to personally achieve Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. This NPC comes in two options, Non-combatant NPC which costs 5,000exp. Or a regular NPC which follows the NPC costs on the experience system.

  • The NPC is not an ordinary NPC. This NPC may not be killed until the MS conditons are met. To properly balance the use and effect of this NPC, even though it may not be killed, the NPC may not be used in battle against other player characters(except the designated killer for MS) and it may in no circumstance, allow you to obtain additional information about other players that you yourself have not discovered. The NPC may go on missions with you and act as support(carrying gear, performing medical surgeries, etc) The NPC may not however, participate in events. they may tag along with you, but they are fluff. They are in the background and cannot provide you with combat or support during events.

Step 2: This NPC is your ticket to Mangekyou Sharingan(MS). You are required to have a minimum amount of character development threads with this NPC before your claim to MS is legitimate. This NPC is someone close/important to you, a family member, a lover or a best friend(something like that). In all cases unless deemed otherwise by the forum owner, the user themselves may not kill ther own NPC to achieve MS. Instead, the user and their NPC must have a minimum requirement of character development threads with another player character as well. This player character can choose any other member that has met the minimum character development threads with you & the NPC. Once both requirements are met(Personal character development with the NPC & Killer member character development with the NPC) you may have a character development thread(A minimum of 2,000 words) for each person involved, where the NPC dies and your character unlocked the MS.

  • Minimum character development with the NPC for the user is 5 threads with a minimum of 2,000 words for each participant(One thread per day maximum).
  • Minimum character development with the NPC & the killer is 5 threads with a minimum of 2,000 words for each participant(1 thread per day maximum).
  • User and Killer threads may not be combined, mixed or count together in any form. An example- you may not say that your personal character development with the NPC is also your Killer character development. Each thread is separate and requires 10 threads minimum altogether. In exceptions where the forum owner deems the user to be the killer, they must still follow the 10 threads minimum as both user and killer.

The Mangekyou Sharingan Technique Packages:

  • Those who are lucky enough to unlock the Mangekyou Sharingan, must abide by a certain set of rules.

  • CANNOT possess all Mangekyou Sharingan techniques. As such, the packages are as followed.

  • Package 1: Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi & Susanoo. Amaterasu grants access to Blaze Release.
  • Package 2: Kamui (Left & Right Eye) & Susanoo. Kamui counts as two abilities.
  • Package 3: Kotoamatsukami (Left & Rght Eye) & Susanoo.

  • Can gain access to other techniques through the Eternal Mangekyou. Cannot purchase these "other techniques" via Exp. Must take the eyes of another Mangekyou user with techniques you don't already possess. The techniques you gain will also depend on which eye gets taken.


Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

This rare eye is awakened when the user replaces their eyes with the MS of someone else, granting them perfect eye sight. Upon doing so, they lose the life force requirements to use MS techniques, and no longer have to pay MS points to use them.

*User must take eyes of another MS user.
*Must unlock all MS techniques.
*User gains 100 genjutsu points.


The most powerful and legendary eye known to mankind, and feared among even the Ootsutsuki. This eye can only be described as the eyes of a god, as it grants the user multiple abilities that far surpass any seen on earth. With these eyes. Avalon Senju was able to create the moon and subdue the world in perfect peace for over a century.


  • Must gain the chakra of a Senju S-rank via heart implant done by a master medical doctor. The heart of Senju are said to be the organ through which their life force is mainly held, as the eyes of Uchiha are where their source of power is.
  • Must have at least 600 chakra.
  • Must have EMS first.
  • Must have mod approval.

Rinnegan Abilities:

  • Gains ability to use all five elements.
  • Can see chakra similar to the Sharingan, though cannot see through smoke bombs. Can see tenketsu points.
  • Gains a boost of +200 chakra, and +100 life force.
  • User can have shared vision with all paths.
  • Paths may travel up to x5 your life force in meters.
  • Can create black rod chakra receivers that can have chakra transmitted through them.
  • Is immune to Tsukiyomi and Infinite Tsukiyomi.

    *These abilities require not chakra cost.

    Rinnegan Techniques


Clan Leader: Starts off with MS, which includes fully mature tomoe 3. You do not auto-get the techs, but you start off with MS. Meet the skill system requirements for them and then purchase them and they are yours. Susanoo is self explanatory.

Clan Leader 0/1
S rank 0/1
A rank 0/2
B rank 0/4
C rank 0/8
D rank 0/16

Clan Members:
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Uchiha Clan
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