The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.

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    Tayū Clan Empty Tayū Clan

    Post by Tayū on Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:30 pm

    Name: 太夫 [Tayū]
    Founder: Kanzen Tayū
    Location: The Outskirts of Konoha

    Allegiance: Senju
    Music is the voice of the world, desperately trying to carve through the blood and shamelessly lending itself to all who will take it.

    This fundamental acknowledgment was the teachings left by Kanzen Tayū.

    You would find be pressed to find any physical documentation of the beginnings of this clan. You would be even harder-pressed to find documentation of their growth over the years. But all who share the blood know of the beginning. The very first song that was sung to something different, something new. An honor, a homage, and a kindness to the man known as Kanzen Tayū. He was but a traveling artist, one who had lost the brilliance of his youth and the creativity that spurred him on in his earlier years. Across the outskirts of what would become Konohagakure's forests, he traveled these lands for years in a little more than a repetitive path in search of an answer to a song. A song with no words, a song that was just upon the tip of his tongue but never within enough reach to maintain and perform -- and his answer was found in the form of The Conductor.

    You could ask a hundred Tayū performers of what The Conductor was, and each and every one would tell you that it was something so extravagantly different from the last that you wouldn't know what to believe. Whatever the creature was, the agreement came that it was something that held an unearthly beauty to it -- but it was a beauty cloaked. Shrouded away in sadness, in a quiet type of lonely existence as its only, Kanzen could not bear to leave it be. So he stayed by its side, and he practiced his old songs for it. He gave unto it his dreams, his past, and the hopes of his future in verse. In return, it gave unto him the inspiration that he had lacked for so long with its elegant yet simple ways and a beauty that no mere man should behold. And so, he found the answer to his song -- a wordless song hummed together in a simple but perfect moment -- by dedicating his life to this creature, even bringing his future family to come and meet it.

    He was gifted. Gifted with a voice like no other. A voice that would never falter, never tarnish, and only grow. From this creature, The Conductor, he was given Kami no Koe - God's Voice. This was the beginnings of the clan.

    In the present day, the members of the clan have spread throughout the world in a sort or form of pilgrimage. The soul seeks the perfect song, and the children of Kanzen Tayū are no different. Though they are wide and far, the songbirds always remember their nest -- Konohagakure. Where even today, it is said that The Conductor awaits to hear the songs of the children that carry on its friend's legacy. Throughout their time, they eventually took to pledge their services to the Senju clan. Kind, homely people -- ones who would live long enough to learn, to watch, and to appreciate the worth of the journeys and trials that the clan takes to both honor their legacy as singers, and to share their wealth and wisdom of music alongside a voice that only a God could hope to match.

    Requirements: The biology of the Tayū clan are what allow them to reach the Frequencies that are required to bring their voices to weaponized ranges. Marrying into this clan will not provide any benefits mechanically. One must be born of Tayū blood and bone to gain the inheritance of Kami no Koe.

    Special Info:
    Deep Breath - Tayū members are born with "reinforced" lungs. They take longer to suffocate, they hold their breath for longer, they intake and hold air far longer than any other. This is on account of their natural inclination to be singers for the sake of their Kekkei Genkai.

    Harmonious Resonation - Tayū members have this certain quality of their voice on the ears that seems to always make them sound just pleasant enough, just soothing enough, that hearing one even speak can bring the nerves to rest and aggression to a halt. No matter the type of noise, nor the preferred sound, their voices have a strange quality of simply being alluring to any person who hears them. {No Mechanical Benefit}

    Though more a series of wandering tropes, festivals will be held throughout the year to encourage Tayū members to return to their homes and major living grounds to share what they have learned and pass down new achievements and rites of passing. The clan follows a form of hierarchy similar to that of a choir:

    The lowest-ranking members are labeled as アンサンブル - Ansanburu, as they are those who are just starting out or have little experience in their performances. These individuals would count as the "D" rank in the ranking system.

    The fourth tier that comes right above the Ansanburu is オーケストラ - Ōkesutora. These members are initiates who have just entered the right age to begin their careers are "ninja" or otherwise. These individuals would count as "C" rank in the ranking system.

    The third tier above that is the 協奏曲- Kyōsōkyoku. These individuals are those who are able to hold their own and have gained a sufficient amount of experience to be recognized as adults by their own clan's culture standards. These individuals would count as "B" rank in the ranking system.

    The second tier that raises above as those who are special, talented, capable of doing more for the clan than ever thought are called スコア - Sukoa. They are typically in charge of guiding the others and leading the performances in mass festivals. Above them only stands one person who is recognized as the official "leader" of the clan. These individuals would be considered "S" Rank by the ranking system.

    The マエスト - Maesutoro. On all accounts, this person will be the individual who gains the favor of the Conductor through a series of rituals and performances dedicated to the being itself. This individual is the singer who is able to renew the pleasant dreams of the being that gave them their unique voices, to begin with. This individual would be on the same level as a "clan leader" in terms of the ranking system.

    It should be noted that this clan tends to stray away from the traditional ninja garb. In recognition of their abilities, they prefer to dress as "civillians" or "flashy performers" over capable combatants to hide their usefulness until it is absolutely required.

    Clan Special Characteristics:
    - Sound Release: Fūton and Neton are associated with this clan, and thus automatically granted.
    - Singer's Endurance: Members of the Tayū Clan inherently gain a +30 bonus to Endurance due to their inclination towards long, wearisome performances and the training associated with being perfect performers.
    - A Song of Wind and Whispers: All Futon techniques and Neton techniques can be accompanied by the voice of the Tayū user to increase their range by 35 and their power by 75. This bonus specifically can stack is multiple Tayū clan members perform the same Jutsu at the same time. No more than three Tayū members can join this performance at once, giving it a max stacking bonus of 200 Power and 105 range.

    Name of the Kekkei Genkai: 神の声 - Kami no Koe - God's Voice
    Type of Kekkei Genkai: Ninjutsu - Offensive/Supplementary
    Kami no Koe uses the voice to reach notes in the musical scale that exceed what is known to man. Dubbed "Frequencies", the very sounds emitted from the mouths of the  Tayū clan go beyond simple usages of Neton due to the nature of their gifted ability, and the outstanding usages of both Neton and Futon are examined to go higher and beyond to fuel the power of their songs. As such, their songs can range from destructive concussive force to soothing tones that can heal the pains of those around them. To fight a Tayū is to enter the stage of a performer, and pray that one can keep their wits as the show begins.

    Name: Destruction Frequency
    Rank: C
    Cost: 30
    Upkeep: 15
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: Sound Release
    Range: 50m radius
    Speed: 100
    Power: 100
    Handseals: Almost all techniques require handseals!
    Description: The first and most common Frequency that all Tayū learn, this Frequency attunes the voice and all sounds produced by the body of the user to a level that is physically harmful to any members who hear it that do not belong to this clan. To those who have a particularly good sense of vision (sensory of matching or higher rank), this technique causes the Tayū singer to emit constant pulses of chakra from their body within the 50m radius that their voice covers with this ability. Being hit by the pulses even if the target does not hear the song will cause impact damage against their bodies. If the target is able to hear the song and is hit, each pulse will disrupt the flow of chakra going towards the next action that the afflicted target performs, lowering the power of the technique or ability by 10 before multipliers.

    Combination: The Destruction Frequency is one of several Frequencies that a Tayū can learn. Only one may be active at any point in time unless one is of S-Rank or higher. While this Frequency is active, only derived Jutsus made for this specific Frequency may be used. Songs used with this Frequency do not have an upkeep cost despite lasting as long as the user desires/is able to create the sound necessary to.

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    Uchiha Izanagi
    Uchiha Izanagi

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    Tayū Clan Empty Re: Tayū Clan

    Post by Uchiha Izanagi on Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:19 pm

    I like the clan and the idea behind it.

    1. You may need to change the history and the clan's allegiance. The storyline or plot will dictate this. Not a big deal right now.

    2. Special Info: ranking and tiers. Is it in direct relation to your rank on the site? Like a Sukoa would also be S rank?

    3. Special Characteristics seems okay for the most part. Can approve of endurance boost. Range needs to decrease to 35m please. The 75 stacking bonus needs a limit please. Give it a max amount of stacking. Like say no more than 3.

    4. Keep going.

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