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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 A New World

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Water. Earth. Fire.
A being of shimmering light descended down onto the water like a star falling in slow motion. The day was clear, bright, and everything that is lovely about a 24 hour period on the planet known as Earth. The green trees surrounding the lake below seemed to glisten in the mixture of sunlight and water vapor that grazed their leaves all around. There was an energy field surrounding Mithrandir as he touched down, floating inches above the water now. The fish beneath the water began to circle around him soon, their instincts drawing them to his life-giving nature. He looked out yonder, but his all-seeing eyes could perceive information and stats about every living thing within a thousand meter radius in milliseconds. Mithrandir came from another world, you see. A world of much more highly advanced creatures, beings, elements, and all manifestation of energy. He had been sent here as a mission by Elders in order to become familiar with a world he might someday call home. The Aesir were on the brink of civil war, and desperate measures called for backup plans. Long ago on his home world the priests had created an evolutionary selection process designed to pick out the most powerful and genetically advanced beings on the planet and make arrangements that they be kept sacred until the day in which the present generation passed away, and a new beginning was needed. The threat of annihilation was one that the Aesir were not unfamiliar with, but now more than ever were they surrounded on all sides by those who desired to remove the holy race from the throne of superiority they had sat on since the beginning of the age. The Children of the Grail they were called, a group of children chosen among from among the Aesir to be sheltered and uniquely raised in the sacred Garden of Gan-Eden in order that they may preserve the race, and be trained to rebuild civilization when the time came. The Aesir had searched across various dimensions but had found few worlds that were more similar to it than that of Earth. Shockingly primitive, it was not yet fully dominated by homo-sapiens or any other race really. Mithrandir wondered if there were any beings on this planet with souls, any with intelligence, or at the very least - any with the ability to communicate. He had visited many worlds and seen a vast array of the kind of creatures the universe inhabited. He had always been told that his homeworld was the womb of all living things that existed across dimensions, and thus was wonderfully surprised to see the variation he found on other worlds that he did not see on his own. It was his job specifically to fill his mind with images and familiarities of the various way in which creatures were made and designed. Their needs, wants, proclivities, fears, place in the food chain, and their usefulness in serving the Aesir once domesticated. Every child of the Grail had a special role in what would be the re-creation of the Aeserian civilization; Mithrandir’s was creation. He was to essentially create the world and fill it with all manner of life. In order to do an effective job, he needed to learn about the world and creatures that inhabit it. Furthermore, and unbenounced to him, the Elders desired that he grow in his capacity to love. To love those of a weaker nature than himself, those who he would father into greater and greater evolution; including his kinsman. His talents as a warrior were of such magnitude that it greatly overshadowed his true gift; the ability to create and support life. His terrifying power had been used by the Aesir to vanquish their enemies since the time of his childhood, and yet they now realized that the inverse of his propensity to destroy would be their true salvation.
Mithrandir spotted out of the corner of his eye an organism shaped and made very different than the water creatures beneath him. He turned his head slightly as the creature, who now knew they had been seen, scampered off into the wild forest. Mithrandir jetted forth so quickly that the air broke, sending a shockwave that created a wave in the lake and a gust that blew back the trees nearest the shore. A young boy, no more than twelve years of age humanly speaking, took off through the forest with spear in hand. Humans were a rarity in those days, the environment around them still outsmarting them at nearly every turn. Mithrandir flew above the tree tops, examining the boy from above as he scampered beneath shrubs and stubble he thought would make an adequate cover to shield him from the pursuing enemy. All living things that were not human were either enemies or food, and nothing as colorful as the man floating above the lake could have been seen as edible; thus, he was an enemy. The boy had been sent by his tribe to hunt animals that often drank the water from the lake on more quiet days. Upon tracking a small doe that was heading towards it, he had been blinded by the light of an entity coming straight from the sky. At first believing the sun was moving nearer to the Earth, he fled behind large rocks. Looking back however, he saw something had not yet fully understood; a god.
Mithrandir saw the boy, his heart rate, his fear, his flared instincts and the emergence of fight or flight hormones flooding his bloodstream at this very moment. Understanding that an increase in the vitals of primitive creatures tended to mean a temporary increase in power level at the expense of a loss of critical thinking, he drifted down at a pace he felt would prevent the boy from losing his mind entirely. The Merkaba field of light that protruded from his body was retracted, and now only his golden glowing skin was exposed. Mithrandir was naked, to be frank, but was clearly not human despite having similar… virtues. From the feet to his forehead he was pure like gold when it is being refined in a fire. Shimmering and glittering, it appeared as though beneath this shell of mure metallic brilliance was perhaps a literal star whose glory was being hidden only by the outershell that was his outward appearance. Mithrandir was ackwardly beautiful, something that clearly didn’t belong in this world. He looked enough like a man for him to not be entirely terrifying, but was so clearly more than any man could hope to be. His eyes emitted pure white energy, and his golden hair seemed to flawlessly blend in with his skin and ambience. It could hardly be said that the alien wore flesh like mammals wear it; his physicality gave off the clear indication that he was not comprised of flesh, bone and blood like other beings were.
He touched down onto the Earth, five meters behind a five meter tall rock that the boy hid behind. The glow of Mithrandir’s glory was lowered so that it did not pose the natural threat it normally would to the matter in this world. The heat from his presence alone would normally melt straight through this planet, for example. Mithrandir wore as stoic of a look as can be imagined as he stood behind the rock that covered the boy who was now shivering with fear and awe. He was unsure of the language spoken on this world, and actually contemplated exactly how to communicate to the child that he meant no harm. The Aesir could communicate with one another telepathically and tended to be sloppy in regards to verbal communication with other species. Instead of attempting to speak in a foreign tongue and hoping that the young one would understand, he decided to communicate to the boy in the only language that was universal; song. Mithrandir’s first notable gift was that of music and sound. His voice was so lovely and emotionally compelling that sovereigns had requested him to sit in their court and sing them melodies during time of distress. Controlling his music in order to control and manipulate people emotionally was the first skill he learned, and shockingly his most effective power. Given that his unique dojutsu enabled him to see emotion, he could very accurately train himself to imbue certain effects upon others and measure his success.
He thought back to his earlier years when he used to hid from his teachers within Eden. Fearful and hyper-emotional, he regularly ran away in tears and hid himself from others. The first song he learned was by that of his music teacher who had used a certain melody to calm and restore him when he was lost.
Mithrandir opened his mouth and let out a melodious tune that was truly from another world.
They boy behind the rock became paralyzed at first, the sound being a shock to his system. It wasn’t loud, but penetrating. It was as if the music was inside of him, moving and shifting his inner energies in accordance with its own melody. Against his will the boy was calmed and brought to a point of rest and relief. Relief turned into euphoria in a matter of minutes, and the boy arose up and turned to face the forest god.
He walked towards Mithrandir and they stood face to face two meters apart as the song came to a lovely end. Mithrandir slowly raised his left hand and reached towards the boy, touching him with two fingers on the forehead. The boy saw a flash of light but felt no pain. Mithrandir withdrew his hand, having gathered all the information in the vessel he had touched.
The boy’s name was Setoshi, his father was the king of the human race, and he had gone on this journey as a part of his passage into manhood.
A smile crept across the face of Mithrandir, much to the shock of the boy who recognized such a gesture from a familiarly human face.
“Take me to them,” Mithrandir said gently.
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A New World
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