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    Tracking a Cult [Mission]

    Yui Hoshino

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    Tracking a Cult [Mission]

    Post by Yui Hoshino on Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:34 am

    Yui was well hidden down an alley within a small city. The rain poured down like it did, the tin roofs clattering loudly like a few thousand were playing cheaply made drums. It was a heavily populated city despite its size, crude buildings constantly stacked upon each other eventually creating a metropolis of depressing slums. There within the shadows of an alley Yui would recieve further details. A stray window above her opened, a man shouting something to his kids. He'd throw out some trash, the plastic back hitting closely placed walls of the alley way as it fell. With a splash it found itself right next to Yui. She knelt down, her cloak fluttering as she did. With careful hands she removed an empty beer can from the trash bag. She weighed it in her hands than tossed it to the side, she picked up another this one heavier than the first. She wasn't quite within Kirigakure territory, The islands themselves did but this small city belonged to a group of cell shinobi. Hence caution would be required. Clearing the immediate area of prying eyes she muttered a phrase coupled with a handseal foreign to the native 12. With a small puff of smoke the beer can would transform, revealing its true form as a scroll.

    With a pull, the thread came lose and Yui unrolled a small portion as she read the mission. "Pursue, do not engage, find their base of operations. Report." It was simple enough. Yui rolled it back up before forming a different handseal and muttering a different phrase. The scroll began to decay, turning into mush like wet paper. The ink would run and the document was soon destroyed. For good measure Yui seperated it into three different blobs and tossed each down a seperate drain pipe. She wasn't the most apt covert operator nor was she the best assassin but as a simple observer she was more than capable. Yui began to move once more, travelling through narrow alleys and climbing through shaky tin roofs. She had followed someone here a few days before, a man to be confirmed a culprit of spreading the dangerous cult. It made sense for them to operate in a place such as this. It was heavily populated, the poor conditions made people desperate and easy to convince of a better alternative. As for physical location the various hidden alley ways, underground sewers and abandoned buildings were ideal places to hide out.

    The man in question liked to eat lunch at a diner. With the constant rain, people preferred a hot fish soup. Not only was it fresh, nutrietious and cheap but the tasty broth was perfect to warm up and charge the body. Yui remained hidden a block away, sitting in an upstairs room of an abandoned motel. Her lower lip stuck out, a hot soup with a bit of heated sake would have been great by now. She could smell it now, today it was hake fish, yesterday it was scallops and green onions. She could smell it all, how the fish bones melted from being boiled too long, the special spice blend the aunty used, nutmeg, peppercorns, some coriander seeds, saffron, the celery and onion base they used as a base. The spell of customers wet from the rain, their laundry stinking from not having been properly dried from the sun. The smell of freshly scraped metal and polish, pity the rain spoiled their blades and it required a lot of attention. Yui ducked under as a stray arm swung a blade missing her by a large margin. She elbowed her attacker in the stomach, a low gasp but a quick jab to his throat stopped any other sound. Yui moved instinctively, a sweep of a leg making him fall to one knee. Her arms wrapped around his neck. 'Sumimase..' He struggled but that was it, his fingers fumbled, confusion in his eyes. The arms were felt so frail but he couldn't do anything to move it. He should have waited for ba-.

    Yui gently places him on a bed, passed out. From a pouch she'd grab a pinch of dark red powder. This she'd rub on his teeth, letting his gums take it up. He'd wake up after an hour or so having no recollection of the last few minutes. Better he never knew someone was here at all. Yui would return to the window, choosing to remain where she was. She'd observe the man, coming to eat like clockwork. He was a tall man, wearing a black rain coat, hair tied into a long pony. From previous stake outs he liked to paint red down his eyes. After he'd finish eating he would wait, trying to convince other patrons of the diner the way of his false god. He would sit there close to an hour, even offering to pay for the meals of other customers. Some people pretended to be interested hoping for a free meal but he was a hard seller. He'd only really pay for those who really were desperate. Then as if scripted another would join him. His companion would also get some soup but 4 bowls not for himself but for take away. As soon as the food was out they'd leave together. They always took a different route. But always headed westward. A smart move, with the sun setting, if permitted, their pursuers would always have the sun in their eyes. Yui didn't need to know exactly where they were, only a general idea. Everyday they'd loop around but eventually they'd come to a small abandoned house. She had been in their a few days ago, when both were still at the diner. They had smashed the floor of the house and had connected themselves into the sewer system. This was as far as she needed to be, their base of operations was somewhere in the sewers. A team, probably hunter-nins would clear them out if the village felt the need to. She'd slink back after confirming their hideout, at least one of them.


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