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 Origins of the Ancients [Mission]

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PostSubject: Origins of the Ancients [Mission]   Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:33 am

The mountains of Kumogakure were something else. More than accurate to call the scenery picturesque. Dark slate mountains stood solemn upon a sea of white clouds. One began to understand all those painted landscapes, how the artisan painstakingly tried to capture the beauty of it all. How the clouds danced in circles around the mountain tops as they left behind a sliver of water each time. It never rained, but it was never dry at the same time. Thick clouds lingered about constantly but never was there a grey threat of storms. It was strange, something surreal about the peace. A common sparrow would appear, flapping its wings in labored breathes. The altitude would be too high for a creature so small, yet it flapped on, pursued by something more than internal instincts, a promise.

Its tiny feet would land on wet hard rock, heart visibly pumping from the exertion. It was nearly there, just to hop through the white veil and they would be at the top of the mountain. It hopped through hoping blind faith would reward it. Cold, the clouds were, wet, dragging down its wings. Fear, crept up. Had it been wrong? Was the journey all for naught? A leap and the small body popped through the clouds. It breathed deep, eyes sparkling it had made it! A hand reached out and the sparrow happily took refuge on finger. Heart still pumping the sparrow looked up at its savior. Eyes like it had never seen, an amethyst catching the light. They stared down in appreciation, almost as if they were truly happy for the sparrow making it up.

Yui stopped as her nose picked up a scent. Her eyes pulled longingly away from the view and soon found her looking at a small sparrow perched upon her finger. Why it was here was beyond her understanding, but happy for the company Yui dug in her pocket and pulled out seeds. The eyes of sparrow fixated instantly upon the food and soon enough was pecking away. Yui looked back to the mountains, shivering as she did, it was magnificent. Her blue hair was hidden away, opting for a thick traveling cloak with the hood being lined in fur. Her purple eyes showed, reflecting the scenery within them. There was a bitter smile, foreign to Yui. Far from her, sitting on a throne of clouds was another mountain, and behind it was another, its throne bigger, grander the authority it had even greater.

"Nene, sparrow-dono, expressions have literal origins."
She let out a deep sigh, her breath hot high up on the altitudes. She had come so high up, without much of a real plan, only the whims of clues and hints that could have meant completely something else. Yet after days of travel, she had climbed the mountain, only to find one even higher and then another higher still. From her inner pocket she pulled out a bright yellow banana. The potassium would be good for her but really she was just hungry. Sitting ontop the slippery mountain face she peeled and ate her banana, thinking what her next plan would be.

Origins... Everything started out somewhere. So where did she start? Maybe... It was better to track backwards. You know, how a fight between 1 and 5 become 1 and 20 and eventually 1 and 100. Maybe... things changed over time, mis-interpreted. The dragons, at least from what she could decipher, could fly, massive, scaled, claws, whiskers... Maybe over time they resembled something smaller, without the claws and whiskers.. Like a lizard or even snakes. Where were snakes most common. Konohagakure... That was in the other direction. Maybe it wasn't snakes. Fisherman had supposedly seen giant sea serpents in the deep seas... Now they fit the description better... but breathing fire underwater seemed highly impractical. Nor was there any real evidence of giant sea serpents.

The bird looked rested, it flapped its wings, sending little droplets of water into the air. Fed, determined and nothing to stop it, the sparrow took flight its eyes set on the next mountain. Ignorance was bliss. Yui stood up, pocketing her banana peel. What use was there to worry what she had no control over. Yui peeled back her hood revealing her signature blue hair. She walked down the summit, her various pots and pans clanking as she chose her steps carefully. Few hours later, Yui would be at the base of two mountains, there she started a fire as night slowly approached. Nearby was a pond, with old statues busted and decaying. Frogs, seemed to enjoy climbing on top of it, racing to see who could climb higher and croak the loudest. It wasn't too different from Kirigakure.  

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PostSubject: Re: Origins of the Ancients [Mission]   Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:15 pm


It had been three weeks since Mithrandir broke free from his chrysalis underneath the Senju compound and had fled to the mountains of Kumogakure, where he currently stood.

Mithrandir stood eerily on the top of the highest mountain in Kumogakure, looking upwards as small moisture clustered itself into a rich mist that drenched the surrounding peaks and himself.

Mithrandir was shirtless, his ripped body glistening even under the dim light of the setting sun. He carried in himself a radiance that could not be silenced by the darkness of Earth. His very skin shown like a sparkling star, or a covered fire. It was as though light itself had taken on flesh and its glory was dimmed only slightly by the covering of the body. His golden hair was short, went no further past his upper neck in fact. His hands were stretched out, palm up, revealing strange symbols emblazoned upon his palms, as well as his enormous wingspan. He wore black military grade pants that he had taken from a villager whilst departing from Konohagakure. They fit him snugly, and they were accompanied by white boots that complemented them perfectly. Quite fashionable for an alien, one might observe. The sun set, and darkness invaded the sky quickly, with the full moon coming into play now. Mithrandir opened his eyes when the sun had fully set, revealing packaged sunlight in his two irises. The Galagan was a unique dojutsu that was most certainly not of this world, much like other KKG that could be found among human kind. His eyes were an ambient white color shining out towards whomever looked on. They had rays, much like stars, that shone out of them as well, making eye contact with him more than difficult. He could manipulate the radiance of this brilliant white light so that to even be in his presence was unbearable for most mortals, but he kept the shine of his Galagan within a five meter radius for now. No man could ever dream of all the things Mithrandir could see with these special eyes. The poets among mankind spoke of seeing into the hearts of others, or reading the mind of one’s companions. Both of these were but allegory to the human race, but to the Aesir - they were reality. The eyes are the window to the soul, and for the Aesir they were not only the window into their own, but into others. Yes, this extra-terrestrial visitor could see emotions, could hear feelings, could read the writings of the soul and of the heart. Thus, the reverberations of confusion and longing coming from the blue-haired damsel below, reached the mind of the Morning Star like light reached the ends of the Earth every morning.

He came down gently, softly, and graced the Earth with heaven-touched feet. Like a walking light in the midst of darkness he moved towards the young woman sitting next to her fire. He stopped about ten meters behind her, where if she were to turn around she would see his golden, shimmering body in suspended animation. Up above him could be seen the shimmering full moon, looking like a crown perched atop the head of the heavenly prince that was now in her presence. He said nothing, but gazed upon her with a fiery passion that would have made the very heart of Hades melt, his blazing white eyes pouring out a light that made his almost impossible to look at with eyes of flesh. He knew who, or rather what, she was; for he could see her DNA. Little did she know that he was as desirous to know about her as she was to know about her ancestry.


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Origins of the Ancients [Mission]
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