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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 Origins of the Ancients [Mission]

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PostSubject: Origins of the Ancients [Mission]   Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:18 pm

Silence droned through the tunnels, an old catacomb of knowledge long closed off to the public. It sad underneath the sewer systems of Kirigakure, once used as a service and supply route during times of war. When Civil war hit, factions had used it as base of operations, when war hit, the entire Shinobi populace had once used it as an underground village. Hence, old equipment and even older knowledge recided within the stone lined caverns. Day or night, it was uncertain. Yet as far as lights went, the catacombs were dimly lit. Only a few oil lanterns gave light to the musky darkness. Was it cold or was it warm, it was hard to tell. There would be patches of cold breezes, like a ghost's icey passing, others the room stuffy like an attic on midsummers day. Yet Yui had spent days here, alternating from her usual thin outfit to covering herself in the thick shinobi cloak.

For near quarter of a moon she had been underground, her eyes adjusting to the poor lighting. She didn't need much, she ate little, rested even less and being an old pipe system clean water wasn't hard to come by. Besides, all alone, peer to peer hygiene wasn't too important. She sat at what used to be a crate of god knows what but the previous occupants had converted it to a table. There Yui had sprawled out scrolls too old to date. Their once colored outer exterior had been long washed away, from bad pipes causing major leaks, rats ripping it for nesting or just out right having faded into dust. However Yui, read it all as best as she could.

Eyes fashioned in brilliant blue gently made their way through the greying ink. She didn't try to make sense of what she read, rather she looked for key words that interested her. To be a Shinobi of a lineage, meant a few things. The family and such, Yui didn't care much for, loneliness was not something she felt with her current life. For one, a lineage meant a legacy to live up to. Expectations to be met or at the very least a bar to set your standards. On the other hand... Yui, closed the a scroll and let it tumble to the side. She closed her eyes, letting her head drop into her hands. On the other hand... It meant help, decades and even centuries of people who shared the same blood as her, leaving behind a record of their trial and errors. To Yui, she had none of this.

She sniffed loudly in the silent sewers, a solemn sober private to her. With her left hand she wiped her nose, the musky smells tickling her keen sense of smell. Her right hand brought a grizzled root to her mouth which she began to chew slowly. A sharp smell spread through her nostrils, her mouth salivated a little as she sucked on the root. She pondered for a second, taking a break from it all. Yui was considered a genius, quick to pick up on everything she touched and she put work into it to, there was a reason why her non-combat skills alone put her line for promotion as a Jounin. Yet there were things not a single person could do.

Her understanding came purely from passed down knowledge. Jutsus that were tried out a million times by thousand shinobi. Even her medical advancements and discoveries were simply deductions from past generation's trial and errors. Yet when it came to her own bloodline. She was heavily limited. Sheer luck had led her to discovery of the blue flames, brilliant in color and unmatched its heated power. Yet, she felt like something was missing. Give her a few hundred years and she could advance her bloodline but that meant more than her life time. As of now, her techniques were but imitations of existing fire jutsus and she felt... a missing link that made whatever she made unique and hers.

Yui opened up another scroll, leaving the root sticking out like a cigar. She wiggled it in her mouth, let it hit her nose every now and then. Her eyes had scanned over a hundred scrolls looking for key words. Clan. Dragons. Fire. Anything that would point to her ancestors. Her search had narrowed down, she now ignored all documents that had stamps from the war office or kages. She rather searched for scrolls older and less official than them. Folk tails spoke of dragons, their ability to rain down fire unlike any other. There were some scrolls that were closer to prophecies about beings of great power not of this place. These scrolls she'd track down, looking for anything that linked one another.

Yui had kept those scrolls maybe 3 or 4 scrolls that really talked about dragons and their flames. She doubted any of the scrolls here would explain anything, what she needed was a location that would elsewhere. She knew, there was a scroll that spoke of an old power settling on the planes surrounded by water on all sides. She assumed it meant Kirigakure but the reference to this old power wasn't quite the same as the reference to the dragons. So Kirigakure was not where she should search. The next theme they followed were mountains. Kumogakure for sure.... But where.... There needed to be something.

Part 1

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Origins of the Ancients [Mission]
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