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.: Uchiha Asura :.

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.: Uchiha Asura :.

Post by Asura on Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:01 am

Name: Uchiha Asura
Nickname: n/a
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 200 lbs
Appearance: Dax as child before any of the world had tainted him, he was just as any ordinary child. Actually it was not the world had tainted him. It was his own parents that were the first people to do him wrong. And yes everything is linked and has to do with each other; appearance, personality and his history. Dax after the beatings from both parents would chose dark color clothing to hide the blood which was his own. Usually he would wear a black t shirt and black or brown or Navy blue shorts with the customary black flip flops. He has messy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He had several scars over his face and back as his parents were careful so no one would find out to not hit him on visible places on his body. Sometimes he was not so lucky and the blows would land on his face. He would be forced to lie to anyone who asked him about his bruises. He would lie and tell them he fell or he got the injury during rough playing with the other boys. So many times as he was young and at the age of eight Dax could be seen many times with bandages on his face or the rest of his tiny frame. As he grew older he adopted a red scarf that he would wrap around his neck. Just before he went to the ninja Academy, certain events in his life would change him and his appearance to the point of never being able to change back  to what he once was. His present dress code is a black and red tactical spandex suit that is made of leather. He has several pouches that hold his different ninja gear and on his back he has a double Katana holster. His mask has two large black spots over his eyes. His eye color is unknown to others since all they see are white openings.

Land: Kiri
Character Rank: D
Clan: Uchiha
Element: none

Personality: As a young child his first memories were within the walls of various mental hospitals. Ironically at a hospital was the only place that Dax felt stable, calm and sure of himself. As he grew older, he would read medical books on his own with much fascination. How the human body worked and was able to push past so much always amazed him with his own body. From a young age he would study how the human mind worked and have a mentality far beyond his years. He would study at length the different traits of several mental disorders and assimilate their behaviors for his own. Because of this maturity well beyond his years Dax would enjoy his free times speaking with those that were alot older than he was. Because of certain people that judge him due to his personality, he withdrew from them even more and focused even more on his training which grew his body. Otsutsuki Kagura took notice of Dax and decided to take him under his wing. Dax in turn vowed to do his best to protect his master and his home. Kagura taught him to put a lid on his temper and harness it in battle. And that was what Dax did. After some of the older boys tried to bully Dax, it went too far and an accident happened and the results of that accident made all the progress that Kagura had made were for naught. Knowing how unstable Dax was Kagura hunted him to ensure he was returned safely. Getting to the nitty gritty of it. Dax loves to make fun of his opponents in and out of battle. He loves sticking his finger in an ally ear to get their attention. He has multiple personalities that reside in him besides the main one that was mentioned above. One of his personalities is childish and he would draw ridiculous pictures of his opponents and show them it to be annoying. Dax loves to poke fun of his allies just to be annoying. Because of the several personalities it makes Dax more unpredictable and some members of a team may find him difficult to trust.
Character History:
Dax, it was a name he had adopted after when his sensei Kagura had found  him. After he had been scarred mentally he was now scarred forever physically. More than what Kagura had at the time known about before he looked at him carefully. Because of his youth, he knew it was just one year ago since he disappeared, but in his mind due to the torture he had to not only witness but to be a recipient of, it felt alot shorter. In fact it felt like it was just yesterday that he had been taken. Dax had sat there for days thinking about what they had done to him and finally he told his Otsutsuki teacher everything. Up until now he had no idea why these cultists had chosen him but they worked him over pretty good. He awoke upon a stone alter with seven of them each holding small chains with a strange symbol he had never seen before for a pendant. It was a circle with an upside down triangle in it. His hands and feet were bound and they were chanting a strange mantra with the unmistakable name of Jashin in it. There were candles scattered throughout the stone chamber that gave off an eerie glow. Then they proceeded to chant all in unison that this young man had been chosen by Lord Jashin to do his bidding. The ritual had not been attempted for years and now the faith had chosen a new priest; a harbinger of Lord Jashin or so they thought. After this they proceeded to mutilate his body by cutting him deeply in several places and cutting his limbs and he would pass out from the pain, regained consciousness and they would do it again and again. They had even burned his body and put out the fire and do it again until he looked like a monster. They had broken him, broken his will and forced him to become addicted to severe pain. Dax would see his body in a blood drawing of the Jashin symbol that was made by his own blood.They effectively tried their best to make him into a slave of Jashin. His sensei Kagura hunted for him and with his powers he was able to find him. Kagura slaughtered the remaining priests at the temple but he feared the boy he once knew was already gone. Dax attempted to kill his sensei and the Otsutsuki was forced to impale him to stop the attack. It was non lethal of course. When Kagura saw the young boy, now at the age of 12 recover from his fatal injuries in no time at all he knew what had happened to Dax. Dax knew then and there as he looked at Kagura, he was his only hope to find some sort of normalcy in his life. And so vowed from that day to use his abilities for the glory of his nation and that of Jashin while Kagura gave him wise counsel as the years went on. Still unstable, Kagura recommended the boy become a shinobi and hone the skills he already had. He reasoned that mother Kiri wold help Dax down hopefully a non destructive path. Before he joined the academy, Kagura thought it best to hide the boy's scarred body that was mutilated nearly making him unrecognizable. He fashioned a suit made for a fighter. Red to hide the blood from his opponents, black to show the condition of his soul and a mask to cover his identity from his enemies. Dax was ready, ready to face the world of shinobi

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Re: .: Uchiha Asura :.

Post by Eververse on Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:39 pm


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