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 The Keraia Clan (cannon sorta) (explosion release)

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PostSubject: The Keraia Clan (cannon sorta) (explosion release)   Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:59 pm

Name : Keraia
Founder : Zhongli Quan Keraia
Location : The Keraia are a nomadic clan and are constantly moving around for different missions. Right now they are in the Holy Abraxus Empire

Allegiance : Highest bidder
History : The Keraia clan is a relatively "young" clan, being only a century old. It was started by a man named Zhongli Quan Keraia who was born with uniquely disruptive and unstable chakra. Zhongli was incredibly weak and ill as a child, as his unstable chakra was trapped inside his tiny body and caused massive consequences. Unable to become a ninja due to not being able to focus his chakra, Zhongli's parents gave him up to the researchers of the Shinsei clan, whom they were members of, for experimentation. Zhongli suffered many different types of torture as the researchers analyzed and dissected parts of his body and minor organs in order to understand the flow and origin of this unstable chakra network. Afraid of unleashing years of built up raw chakra researchers decided that they must first release it from the boy's tiny body. The researcher mutated the boy's body, causing him to grow three mouths in order to expel the charka, one on each palm and one in the middle of his chest. This mutations allowed for Zhongli to unleash his stored up chakra and for the researchers to attempt to absorb it, but they never could have guessed of the other side effects to come.

Along with finally being able to release his chakra, Zhongli was also granted the ability to knead and infuse his chakra into material at a highly advanced rate. Combining this ability with his naturally unstable and destructive chakra, Zhongli became the first user of the explosion release and used his new ability to unleash his years of stored up explosive chakra on the Shinsei clan's research facility, killing many of the researchers in the process. Zhongli escaped the Shinsei clan and began his life as a rouge ninja. In order to stay alive Zhongli began to train in his unique abilities and later started to market his unique skills to the highest bidder. He soon made a name for himself as an assassin, able to infiltrate clans and cause massive amounts of damage all without being caught. During his time as an assassin Zhongli traveled to many clans and lands and took many lovers. His many lovers each gave him a great amount of children all born with the ability to use the explosion release. Zhongli had also made a great amount of money in his time and was able to buy and construct a compound to house his large family without the threat of being found. From Zhongli the Keraia clan was born and has continued to survive as a well-known family of assassins for hire until this very day, performing more like a mercenary group than a well established clan.

Requirements : none

Special Info : Only members of Zhongli's direct linage are born with the three additional mouths on their palms and chest. (Limit 1/1)
Clan Special Characteristics : The only distinct trait among the clan is slanted eyes that are some shade of blue mixed with green

Name of the Kekkei Genkai : Bakuton (explosion release)
Type of Kekkei Genkai : elemental/body enhancement
Description : Bakuton is a bloodline focused around the creation and manipulation of various forms of explosions made from chakra. Some clan members are born with the rare ability to knead and infuse their unstable chakra at an advanced rate into materials in order to create new and unique techniques and explosives never before seen by the ninja world.

The Explosive Style - Bakuton is formed through the combination of earth and lighting chakra. This mixing of two opposite chakra sources creates an unstable element known as Bakuton. This allows clan members the ability to create highly explosive chakra that they can manipulate at will. Unlike many elements, pure Bakuton is a naturally dangerous and offensive entity, leading to many users to simply exude and release their chakra to cause damage without (mostly) the need for hand signs or much thought. Because of this ability many users of this style are known to practice taijutsu, as it allows them to cause quick and powerful blows without any delays or massive exuding of strength.

  • All Bakuton techniques can have +300 power due to the natural strength and damage output of the explosive element in just its base form
  • All clan members start out with the ability to use earth and explosion chakra, but they must purchase lightning and it must be the first element they purchase.
  • Due to their unstable chakra network clan members do not have the ability to use genjutsu or medical ninjutsu
  • Also due to this unstable chakra network clan members are able to release themselves from genjutsu esiser than an average person and start with 100 genjutsu points naturally. By being taught by a genjutsu master, the clan members can increase their skill in genjutsu kai, gaining 50 gen points per every 2000 words spent training with a genjutsu master, this caps at 400 genjutsu points.
  • Due to housing such disruptive chakra, clan members have naturally stronger bodies than a normal person. Clan members receive a +50 to endurance and start with two skills points in taijutsu.
  • Clan members have a natural immunity from recoil from their own explosive taijutsu techniques (barring suicide bomb techniques). They are also immune from damage from explosions created by their own taijutsu (barring suicide techniques).

Descendants of Zhongli - Every so often a member of the clan is born with the distinct trait of three additional mouths, just as the founder of the clan Zhongli Quan had. These mouths naturally are closed and the two on the members' palms can be opened on whim. These two mouths are the same size as the member's and can usually open wide enough to cover the entire palm. The third mouth, located on the member's chest, possesses a set of jagged teeth (sharpness equal to the user's strength) and a long tongue reaching out about 5 meters. This mouth can open wide enough to cover the member's entire chest and is usually sewn shut, but the sewing can be easily undone. Those born with this trait have a higher level of control over their explosive chakra and are born with the ability to "knead" their chakra into materials they come in contact with or that these mouths digest. Through infusing their explosive chakra into materials, such as clay, the user is able to create new creative explosive attacks. Furthermore by having these additional mouths ingest the material the user can have them shape the material into unique shapes regardless of its original form and give it unique abilities or properties, such as the ability to grow in size or create smaller clones of itself such as the case with the C2 dragon technique. The user is able to store the objects they create for later use and can detonate their creations remotely through the seal of confrontation.

  • Members with this ability naturally start off with the chakra infusion technique and pay no costs in using it.

  • Members are able to add explosive chakra to any already created items. The user can detonate these items whenever they wish but when they do the item is destroyed regardless of endurance. Range of these explosions is equal to the range of the item infused with the chakra plus up to an additional 15 meters for the blast radius. The strength of the explosion will be decided by the user's skill in ninjutsu and stack with the power of the previous material used.
    t1- 200
    t3- 300
    t4- 350
    t5- 400
  • members can create unique styles of combat such as Deidara's explosive clay style. These styles must be registered separately along with the materials needed for them.

Jutsu :
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The Keraia Clan (cannon sorta) (explosion release)
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