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The legendary struggle of ancient clans for the sacred power of chakra.
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 To Go [Mission]

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PostSubject: To Go [Mission]   Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:10 am

Yui had been called to the war administration, there she was introduced to one the Village's Jounin. He was an older man slightly rugged but still in his twenties. He had a certain rough yet gentle attitude towards Yui, something that made her blush softly as she greeted back. He was one of the Jounin experienced with warfare on the front lines and the two of them had a mission. To create an alternative method of feeding front line Shinobi to that of the Food Pill. Yui was excited to hear her mission, she had clapped her hands together in delight. That was more down her field of expertise and comfort zone. Dealing with medicine and creating brews. On the field and killing people wasn't quite how she preferred things. Her mission saw her to the labs of Kirigakure, better equipped than the brewery at home. The Jounin shadowed her explaining to her what his men liked and didn't like. The first order of complaint was the texture of the food pills, not the bitterness of it. The bitterness supposedly kept them awake like a mouthful of coffee but the texture of it. Pasty and grainy, they said it was like biting down on old dried dirt.

Yui had a good idea of what needed to be done. She would send out some Chunin in the labs to gather ingredients for the new food pill. Protein and Carbohydrates was probably what was most needed on the field. Duck was a great source of protein and ground rice would serve as the Carbs in the mixture. Yui considered flavoring them with spices. Bit of sugar, citrus and staranese. Yet the Jounin declined, scented food would attract unwanted groups. Animals for one would gather for food, it would attract some bugs as well and most dangerously of all it could potentially attract enemy shinobi with tracker animals. Yui had frowned a little bit. It was difficult to make something delicious that had no smell, a large part of taste was after all smell. However Yui understood she had to feed the Shinobi not make them a star course meal.

She returned to the drawing boards. Ducks were abundant in Kirigakure, what with it being an islands with plenty of fresh water. However there were fish. Easier to catch in mass and process. In addition they provided Omega vitamins and fatty acids that would help keep the Shinobi bodies healthier. However there were two problems with it, the fishy smell that came with preserving it, it could be washed out with alcohol, that would solve that. However the costs that might come from the salt vats required. The saltiness would definitely help with the taste but... The Jounin thought it would be a better solution. It would certainly help boost the fishing communities, and the smell would be masked with the thousand other fishing villages on the island.

So It was agreed the fish would be the protein ingredient, the salt would help provide well salt for sweating Shinobi. Now The carbs. Yams, like potatoes but more nutritious and almost scentless compared to potatoes. The Starchiness would help keep food pill together. Now the next hurdle was the texture. The soldiers complained how it felt like they were eating medicine than actual food. Weeks without real food caused a few problems. Low morale, quick to anger, they had the nutrients but they lacked the volume factor. Yui had a good idea on how to fix this problem. She suggested the solution be approached differently. Instead of making a food pill, what if it was a food ball. If the size was slightly bigger it would help. For one, things wouldn't have to be ground down so much losing texture and much needed calories. In addition it would be cheaper to make.

Yui experimented, cutting up the jams and mashing so that their texture resembled grains of rice. Coupled with dried fish inside their it felt they were eating a rice ball instead. The first sample would be handed out to some Shinobi who were on leave from the front lines. The improvement from food pills were uncanny, their stomach felt better filled and it actually felt like they were eating food. However the taste was still absent save for some salt. Yui weighed her options, a way to add or improve flavors without scent. She considered natural flavors, dried onions, garlic? Ginseng. They were all good for the body and would help them keep warm when temperatures dropped from the rain.They were added in but the without the flavor, their scents could easily be picked up.

Perhaps esters. Packing them in little molecular bubbles. They wouldn't smell inside their packages, even when taken out they wouldn't smell. At controlled levels, when bitten inside the mouth, for the brief moment they are eating there would be scent to what they are eating and trick the brain into different flavors. That way the food pill could have more flavourless ingredients but be scented to taste like whatever. Barbecue pork on rice, Boiled Chicken and rice, Braised Beef. The lab would work for a few days, concocting the much need chemical compounds. A non permeable membrane to hold into the scent an idea that came from those scented scratch cards. The kind where you scratch and you smell bananas. Next making the different scents, largely it was just smell of meat that was needed, the char smell of charcoal or the sweet smell of marinade. However as the weeks passed the products were ready for mass production.

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To Go [Mission]
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