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Countryside Vandalism [Mission]

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Countryside Vandalism [Mission]

Post by Yui Hoshino on Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:07 am

It was very uncommon to have blue hair. Such, the population began to stare and point. They gathered in groups of 2 or 3, whispering behind hands as they took quick glances. All this was unregistered to Yui, since the day she was born she had blue peach fuzz and she called it hair. She walked on one of the many roads of the Water country. This particular one was of dirt. Hardened over the years of honest workers trampling the ground to see to their daily chores and weekly sales. Along this roads were stretches of farm land with the occasional village here and there. It was light outside but clouds loomed over like they did. It would probably begin to rain on the islands soon enough. Yui was dressed for the weather. Apart from her usual attire, she had a Shinobi coat on, her headband present where it belonged. It was unusual for her to sport her headband however she was here on official business. However her Jacket was not present, hiding her status to the populace. Besides the white coat would have hidden it.

Her gem like eyes looked about as she walked slowly. Her mission described a strange symbol, she looked for the color red but the Villagers had a habit of writing either in black or red as those were the colors most easiest to come by and stark enough to catch people's eyes. A nearby shop sold textiles, another shop offered a tea and dango special. A dozen miles down the road and a shop offered the world's best noodles or baked goods straight from local sources. However her eyes never saw the strange symbol described to her in the brief. The symbols wouldn't be somewhere hidden if they wanted to spread fear, it would have been out in the public. Maybe she wasn't looking close enough. Yui walked closer to one of the signs, a freshly carved out wooden plank. Massive with black cursive writing on it. "The Best Sandwiches in the World."

A lady came running out the shop, excited to see a passing customer. She shouted loudly, welcoming Yui to her establishment. Yui quickly turned, bowing back in greeting. She ordered tea, it would be rude not to order. The lady would insist she try her sandwiches, convinced Yui would agree. However as soon as the lady turned to the kitchen Yui's eyes and attention went back to the sign board. It was still fresh, the smell of white oak there. The wood chip smell coming out of every pore metal was put to work. The ink was pitch black, still slightly glossy. What was this? Musty, coal but there was something else there to stain the wood this dark. The scent, it reminded Yui of a wooden oven. They'd burned the wood first then applied the coal ink, smart. But underneath all this there was something else. A scent that the lacquer had not protected, metallic but not from the tools. It had a certain stench to it.

Yui ran her fingers over the sign like one would inspect for dust. It was damp to the touch as most things in the land of water. She turned her hand inspecting her finger tips. There, just there a smudge of red. She sniffed it once, it was the blood, pigs blood. She closed her eyes a short prayer for the slaughtered. She looked around, the shop was kept clean, so were most of the shops she had passed. The lady returned with hot tea and 4 small sandwiches. They looked beautiful. Quartered and without crust, white and fluffy. From the smell of things it was an egg sandwich. Yui would thank her paying what was due. However she'd ask more questions. About the mark. The lady became annoyed, she had woken up one morning with her shop vandalized with red symbols. With the oncoming rain the symbol had gradually washed away and she only needed to do a light scrubbing to get it off.

So that was how it was. Kirigakure, wasn't the ideal spot for grafitti, at least with blood. Before it could dry rain most likely washed it away. Yui made a note of this, in the future she'd keep in mind the rain liked to wash stuff away. Yui asked the lady to draw the symbol for her to see. However the lady did better, explaining to her the crazy kids who did it. Supposedly the village down had seen who did it. Crazy kids running round with buckets and brushes, screaming words of massacre and praise for their lord. "Jasshin".

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