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 not so Great Teacher Hoshino

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Yui Hoshino


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PostSubject: not so Great Teacher Hoshino   Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:50 am


Hoshino Yui, exclaimed in confusion. She stood by her doorway, as a Kirigakure Shinobi handed her a scroll from the village administration. It had been no more than 2 or so years since she had become a Jounin and now the village was requesting she serve as a teacher to her underclassmen. She scratched her head with her free hand, her eyes watery with the dilemma. She wasn't good at teaching people anything. She had gotten out of serving in the village's secret ops but more because she was incapable of being a spy. She was terrible at lying, her blue hair stood out like a sore thumb and she felt uneasy interrogating and torturing. Sure she was capable if she needed to be but her attitude towards it made her unfit for duty. But now, she was to be a teacher or squad leader to 3 younger Shinobi.

"Gomen Mitsuki-san, there must be a mistake, I'm hardly a role model." She pleaded with the messenger. He simply shrugged it off, saying he was the messenger and any real mistake, Yui would have to find out herself. Yui read through the contents again, Hoshino Yui would serve as Captain and Teacher to the following members; Sumimura Miotis, Kisei Kaname and Dax. She had no idea who they were. She had spent the last few years secluded in her own medical and alcoholic studies and the few years before that she had been traveling and studying. The pilgrimage was a punishment slash forced training by the village. She had been too gentle, and out in the real world her hand would have been forced a few times. Regardless...

Yui stood in her open doorway, the sun shedding light on the scroll. She had no idea who Sumimura was, the family name rang no bells in her head. Kisei, the clan name gave her some idea but the name itself was a mystery. The last one, was just a name. Dax, it wasn't even japanese. Her mind would spin, troubled by this predicament. What did the village expect her to teach them? What mushrooms they could eat and what mushrooms they couldn't eat? They were due to be at her little compound in the morning. A small compound consisting of a 1 Room, 1 Bathroom House, attached living room and kitchen. An outside lab/brewery that was more like a closed off warehouse and a small outhouse looking thing that was really a basement to store her brews for a few years.

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Miotis Sumimura


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PostSubject: Re: not so Great Teacher Hoshino   Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:14 am

The summons came as a small surprise to the Ootsusuki who had been sitting at the top of his families compound, eyes staring into the distance of the grand Kiri village somewhat looking for something. His mind had been contemplating a few things to the point that he didn't hear the messenger until they had yelled at the top of their lungs, his odd eyes slowly trailing down as he deactivated his Byakugan and floated down to meet the male at visual level. His features weren't like many of his family and more could say that he was a black sheep among the Ootsusuki, but his father loved him none the less and that was all he needed in this life.

An orphan at least by technical standards, Miotis stood firm as he listened to the persons message and blinked. He was being summoned to someone's house for training and this person, the name that the messenger didn't give, would be his sensei and squad leader for the unforeseeable future. The males brows furrowed slightly before turning inward as he had received the last of the instructions before slowly floating upward and away toward the house. He was...weary about this whole thing and soon continued to float idly until he had arrived at the females house and proceeded to float until he had been directly in front of the door and landed," Yui-sensei? Are you Yui? Hello. I am Miotis Sumimura....your student?," his voice sounded...odd to say the least though there was some small traces of excitement to be found there.
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Yui Hoshino


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PostSubject: Re: not so Great Teacher Hoshino   Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:06 pm

Soon enough the next day a so called student showed up on her doorstep. She had been inside her brewery collecting some of the ingredients when she had picked up on the smell. From above, a boy slowly descended and grounded himself in front of her house door. He knocked calling out to her, introducing himself.

"Ah~ Ohayo~" She called out short and quickly. In her left hand was a bushel of a dried out herb with a little frail flowers of blue. In her right hand was a weaved basket filled here and there with different kinds of mushrooms. She walked as she did, careful she didn't appear drunk, not that she was but appearances did matter. Her azure hair had been combed, curled and lifted up into a bun. Even her fringe and bangs had been tucked to the side with hair pins so that her forehead was visible. She wore clean set of clothes, free from the pungent and stale smell of alcohol. And when she arrived on the steps of her porch she would speak.

"Sumimasen, Sumimura-san, You are the first one here, your team mates have yet to arrive. My name is Hoshino Yui. I was very excited to meet you!" Yui smiled, enthusiastic on her new journey. She stood right in front of the boy who was taller by a few inches. She stood there waiting perhaps no more than half an arm's length away.

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PostSubject: Re: not so Great Teacher Hoshino   Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:57 pm

"And may the power of lord Jas--eh?!" As Dax was interrupted from doing his morning ritual by a priest dressed in his usual blood red velvet robe. He was shorter than Dax by a few inches. Dax had both his hands around the handle of a dagger and was about to plunge the blade deep within the soft folds of flesh of the tied up goat that was on the stone alter when the priest stopped him. He was pissed to say the least and would have probably tries to murder the one who stopped him. But this was a Jashin priest and he would rather not. The priest signalled for another to take Dax's place as he escorted him outside.

"You've been summoned Dax." Said the priest as he looked at the hooded boy's white eye slits in his mask. "You've learned enough here and for now you have been reassigned to a teacher."

"Eh? What you telling yourself?! There must be someone who doesn't like me here at the temple isn't it?" Asked Dax as he eyes the priest.

"No its not like that. You are one of the chosen few who Lord Jashin has chosen to be his true son. You are to do your best so long as it does not contradict with our teachings you are to give this country and the head clan you life." Replied the priest.

"I will do my best to honor Lord Jashin."

And that was it. Dax's time living at the temple was over. He would be given living quarters by either his new sensei or the royal clan since they will have say where for him to stay. He was given a piece of parchment as to where he had to meet this new sensei. He put gathered and put on all of his ninja gear and weaponry which included his favorite two katanas on his back with his other things of course.

When he arrived, there were two people. He noticed the blue haired gal fir---

"H-h-hey! Its you! That girl by the docks weeks ago!" Said Dax pointing.
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PostSubject: Re: not so Great Teacher Hoshino   

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not so Great Teacher Hoshino
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